Serie A Baseball – results and report Saturday 25/6 afternoon


In the matches on Saturday afternoon, the result of Friday evening is repeated by San Marino, which triumphs 8-3 against UnipolSai, Camec Collecchio against Hort @ Godo, and Campidonico Torino against Nettuno 1945. Parmaclima draws the scores and wins 4-3 with Spirulina Becagli on the Jannella diamond.


After winning the extra innings in Game 1, San Marino shows off with another convincing performance on the home diamond of the UnipolSai. Al Gianni Falchi ends at 8-3 for the Italian Champions, in a match commanded from start to finish and which sees Doriano Bindi’s men immediately take the lead in the first inning with the hits of Celli e Ustariz. The San Marino advantage increases in the third round, when 3 points by Epifano (double), Ferrini it’s still Celli lead the partial to 4-0. UnipolSai wakes up in the fourth inning scoring 2 points to the starter Money that shorten distances: thanks to Gonzalez e Dobboletta, who with his joke brings home 2 RBI. But San Marino does not give up and in the last two rounds he even collects 4 signatures, hitting the throws of Crepaldi before and Bassani then: on the shields Angle, Ustariz and especially Leonora, who in the sixth with a home run brings home 2 runners. UnipolSai in the final second half despite the only homerun of Bertossi fails to make up for the disadvantage and suffers the second consecutive defeat at home.

Also Camec Collecchio collects the second victory of the series against theHort@ Godo, triumphing away 3-1. Match in the balance for its entire duration, with both teams locked in their respective batting boxes thanks to the excellent performances of the pitchers Galeotti for Godo (6.1 ip, 7 so) and Santana for Collecchio (complete game of 7.0 ip, 1 er and 12 so). It is the guests who open the scoring in the third inning with the hits of Coffrini and double Monsoonwhile we have to wait for the last round for the match to light up, with 2 further points from the Parmesan brought home by the double of Pasotto and Godo’s failed comeback attempt with the 3-1 point scored by Vallejoarrived in base after a double.

Campidonico Turin continues his impressive roadmap in the second phase of the championship and also wins game-2 of the series against Neptune 1945. On the home diamond, the Grizzlies immediately start ahead with the point scored thanks to Pastures and Carrerabut they are recovered already in the third inning by the double of Sold and from the single of Wednesday. Not even the time for Neptune to savor the draw, however, as Turin reacts and brings 4 runners home: thanks to the triple of Pasturesof the valid ones of De Maria and Martialand some imprecision of the guest survey Pockets. The Nettunesi do not give up and in the fourth inning they realize the point of 5-2, but the will of Turin is stronger and the 3 scores between the fifth and sixth rounds put the seal on the victory of the home team. 8-2 the final result with Peloro, Carrera, De Maria and Pascoli on the shields in the final triumph of the Grizzlies.

After the unexpected defeat in the first game of the series, Parmaclima even the score against the Spirulina Becagli Grosseto winning at Jannella 4-3, in a match more than ever balanced. The back and forth of the Ramos and Poma teams begin in the second inning, when the Parmesan score 2 points with Flisi and Rodriguez to the detriment of the departing party Bulfonewhile Grosseto recovers a point with the valid of Loardi. The third inning represents the overtaking point for the hosts, who with 2 points scored thanks to Barcelona and Loardi they put the arrow and go to 3-2. Parma, however, is not there, and wins the fourth round of the match with 2 points that determine the counter-overtaking at 4-3: the single of Rodriguez and the ground-out of Koutsoyanopulos. In the next three innings are the pitches of the host relief Rivera to be the masters, closing the gate at the meeting and preventing any Maremma attempt to recover the disadvantage.



Match results for the afternoon of Saturday 25 June:

UnipolSai Bologna – San Marino, 3-8; Campidonico Turin – Neptune 1945, 8-2; Hort @ Godo – Camec Collecchio, 1-3; Spirulina Becagli Grosseto – Parmaclima, 3-4

The program for the evening of Saturday 25 June:

UnipolSai Bologna – San Marino (h. 20), Hort @ Godo – Camec Collecchio (h. 20); Spirulina Becagli Grosseto – Parmaclima (h. 21), Campidonico Turin – Nettuno 1945 (h. 21).


Gir. A1: San Marino (11-3), .786; Parmaclima (5-3), .625; Camec Col (5-7), .417; Neptune 1945 (4-10), .286.

Gir. B1: UnipolSai Bol (9-2), 818; Campidonico Tor (8-6), .571; Spirulina Becagli Gr (5-8), .385; Hort @ Go (3-11), .214.

In the photo on the cover Dudley Leonora of San Marino celebrates the 2 RBI home run (CREDIT: PhotoBass)