Poule salvation: Oltretorrente loses twice in Cagliari

Double defeat for Ciemme Oltretorrente on the diamond of Iglesias in the Serie A baseball championship against Cagliari, victorious in game-1 with a score of 4-3 and in the repeat for 7-2.

In the first game, Oltretorrente scored two points in the second inning and one in the fifth, conceding four points in the fifth round. In the double box of Nicola Spagnolo. On the second, a single by Sebastiano Catellani, base ball granted to Marco Ragionieri before the double hit by Spaniard who scores Catellani and Ragionieri. In the fifth, Emanuele Lori’s signature on the basis for valid, in the second on the basis granted to Giacomo Manghi in the third following the single by Gianmarco Cannata and a point on a sacrificial sprint by Filippo Bianchi.

In the reply, two yellow and blue points in the sixth inning against the two Sardinians in the third, one in the fifth and four in the eighth second half. For the Gialloblù run by Francesco Pomponi, based on valid, third on the single by Giovanny Rosales Motta, on a crazy throw and by Rosales Motta himself on a missed ball from the Sardinian receiver.

CLASSIFICATION: Cagliari (8-0), 1.000; Padua (6-2), .750; Tecnovap Verona (5-3). 625; Ciemme Oltretorrente and Settimo (2-6), .250; Metalco Castellana (1-7), .125.

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