Judo. On the tatami with an Olympic champion

Por its seventieth anniversary, the Judo Jujitsu Club of Charleville-Mézières (JJCCM)
gave himself quite a gift, by organizing the coming on

time of a day by Alexandre Iddir,

mixed team Olympic champion last summer in Tokyo and

silver medalist at the World Championships in Baku

in 2018.

“We contacted him on Instagram and he quickly responded favorably.

appreciates Stéphane Adnet, the president of the JJCCM.

Alexandre is a super nice person and we all had a great time together. It is really very affordable, whether humanly or from a financial point of view. His presence is a great reward for our licensees, who have contributed to the influence club throughout the season. »

the sevenupthe French champion hosted three sessions on Saturday in the sweltering Dubois-Crancé room. First with toddlers, then other members of the club, before training open to all enthusiasts of the department. Despite the heat wave, this slot brought together judokas from all over: Juniville, Nouvion-sur-Meuse or even Bazeilles.

“We’re going to start with a little warm-up, running around the tatami”, first launched the winner of the European Games 2015, who took care to answer each of the questions of his students for a day. Then, he spent ninety minutes presenting to them the different techniques that allowed him to shine at the highest level (ippon right, koshi left, right soda, O-soto left…). “These are movements that we learn

end all, but sometimes there are details that we miss and we don’t necessarily have the keys to unlock them

explains the Olympic champion.

Me, I have little tips, so as soon as I can, I try to share them as much as possible. »

It was the young Léo Adnet (16 years old) who served as a “guinea pig” during the demonstrations. And inevitably, the latter took “expensive” for an hour and a half. “Tomorrow, for sure, he will hurt everywhere”, laughs Stéphane, his dad and president of the club. During a manly Kata Guruma (a wheel around his shoulders), the Carolo teenager found himself slumped on the tatami. “It’s okay, sure? »immediately worried Alexandre Iddir.

“A memorable afternoon”

But let the partner of Teddy Riner and Clarisse Agbégnénou in the France team be reassured: the Ardennais finished the entire session. And delighted.

“I learned a lot

he debriefs.

It’s the kind of meeting that allows you to have another vision of judo and to progress a lot, since the movements showed us, he has competed in them over and over again. »

Like him, the other participants savored this very special moment, “because it’s not every day that we have the chance to train with such a champion”underlines the Nouvionnais Laagal El Belghiti. “And besides, he’s super nicenotes Aurélie Vion, of the Bazeilles club. We really had a memorable afternoon. »

The day then ended with a signing session, a slew of selfies and anyone who wanted to could even take the famous Olympic medal won last summer. Something to fill up with memories.

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