Périgueux (W25) – Jenny Lim wins three matches in two days #perigueux #rolandgarros #lim #thouard

The women’s final of the Ile-de-France 18-year-old League championships had a good reason to be scheduled in the first rotation on Sunday at Roland-Garros. In effect, Jenny Lim (on the right in the photo)et Clemence Thouard had to go straight to Périgord to take part in the qualifications for the $25,000 in Périgueux.

Jenny Lim corrects Aubane Droguet

The trip must have been more pleasant for the Puciste who won the trophy after a final completed in two sets (6-2, 7-6). The protege of Yann Lemeur, 1476th in the world, will try to grab new WTA points. In the first round, she placed Diane Flament, not ranked at the WTA. She chained while dominating Aubane Droguet, 767th in the world, in two sets (6-3, 6-0). As for the player from Longjumeau, 16, she gave in to Naia Mercadier, herself exited by Emma Lene. Other blues from qualifying: Maelle Leclercq, Jade Bornay et Lucie Wargnier.

Many Tricolores in the final table

The draw for the final table will take place on Monday evening. We should find Selena Janicijevic, Lucie Nugyen Tan, Marine Partaud, Emeline Dartron, Audrey Albié, Julie Belgraver, Margot Yerolymos, Océane Babel, Margot Rouvroy et Alice Tubello, climbed 523rd after his two titles in Monastir and Norges.



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