Ousmane Dieng continues to climb well in the Mock Drafts

The NBA Draft is already Thursday night and the closer we get to the event, the more trends begin to emerge regarding the ceremony. And one of them is about a Frenchie, who’s going up and up in the Mock Drafts right now. A little focus on Ousmane Dieng’s rating, which has perhaps never been so high.

It’s the same every year. When the NBA Draft comes to a head, the Mocks ignite: some prospects go up, others go down, and everyone goes there with their projections for the big night. Cororico, several American Hexperts agree thatOusmane Dieng could well be called among the top ten picks this Thursday when he was initially considered a Lottery pick or even a first-round second-party pick. Sports Illustrated, which is part of the media reference to the States, places the Frenchman in ninth position at the Spurs. French, Spurs, it matches pretty well, don’t you think? Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer – a great specialist in Draft questions – also sees Ousmane in San Antonio in his latest mock, and squarely considers him a big potential steal. The other two giants ESPN et The Athletic them keep Dieng in 12th position (Thunder) for the moment, but the kid from Lot-et-Garonne clearly seems to be seducing more and more across the Atlantic and could thus be added to the list of French people who have finished in the Top-10 of their respective draft. Spoiler, not many of them have done it: Joakim Noah (9th choice, 2007), Frank Ntilikina (8th choice, 2017) and Killian Hayes (7th choice, 2020). There you go, that’s the list. Is it about to expand?

Ousmane Dieng, who has grown in power as the NBL season progresses, has a profile that is quite fashionable in the current NBA, and a margin of progress that seems to please more and more scouts from different NBA franchises. A 2m08 winger, qualities as a playmaker, a certain defensive potential and interesting scoring abilities for the future… that makes him qualities to spare. We live in a time when players playing in the 3-4 position are highly sought after throughout the NBA thanks in particular to the versatility they can bring., and Ousmane is one of those prospects who could one day become valuable two-way players on the wing. So obviously, at only 19 years old, we will not expect him to break the house in his first season with the big boys, huh. It will take time and work to successfully carve out a place in the midst of the enormous competition that exists among forwards today, but it is understandable why a potential like his is attracting so much attention as the Draft approaches. .

Where will Ousmane Dieng end up this Thursday evening? Top 10? Not Top 10? If it would be a nice little line on his CV and a nice way to announce his arrival among the big boys, it’s not really the most important thing in the end. We especially want to see him in a franchise renowned for its ability to develop youngsters and maximize their potential. And precisely, San Antonio and Oklahoma City, it’s pretty good at that level.

Source texte : Sports Illustrated



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