NY Yankees’ Derek Jeter’s Priceless Reaction After Alex Rodriguez Throws a Massive Home Run in Ballpark

Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter were a lethal combination for the New York Yankees. Both dominated an era in Major League Baseball. Unlike Jeter, A-Rod was a pure play hitter, while Jeter was more of a leader for the team.

The Yankees were the luckiest team of the late 2000s. Baseball’s two biggest stars played for them. If not for his pointless controversies, Alex Rodriguez was one of the best hitters in the game. His pleasant hits were a treat for baseball fans.

Speaking of A-Rod’s hitting abilities, even teammate and then captain Derek Jeter once marveled at a moonshot from the former Yankees hitter. The duo of Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter also led the Yankees to win the World Series in the 2009 season.

Derek Jeter took advantage of a home run from Alex Rodriguez

In the late 2000s, the New York Yankees were the most dominant team in Major League Baseball. If not for a few years, the Yankees were unbeatable in MLB. The Yankees have always been the destination for star players. Besides being great pros in the ballpark, A-Rod and Jeter also shared a great relationship off the field.

A-Rod was such a good hitter in the game that he could win a game on his own. An old video of A-Rod hitting a massive home run is going viral on the internet. What’s nicer to watch is Jeter’s reaction when A-Rod hit the ball out of the park.


Taking to Twitter, Evan Daniel shared a video of the same. A-Rod can be seen breaking the Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher’s home run. It was his 23rd home run this season and the 489th of his baseball career.

You just know that if you get a reaction like that from Jeter, you’ve crushed baseball.

— Evan Daniel (@itsmrevandaniel) June 18, 2022

The video’s caption reads, “You just know if you get a reaction like this from Jeter, you’ve crushed baseball hell.”

A-Rod and MLB

With a career that spanned more than two decades, Alex Rodriguez owned Major League Baseball. Started in the 1994 season for the Seattle Mariners, the Yankees legend went on to play for the Texas Rangers and New York Yankees.

He also won a World Series in the 2009 season. With 30 home runs, A-Rod was instrumental in the Yankees winning the prestigious title.

Looking at their career records, who do you think is better between Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter?



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