What medal did the judoka from Veracruz, María Esther Landa Valencia, win in Conade’s national games? – Xalapa Newspaper

Xalapa, Ver.-The judoka from Veracruz, María Esther Landa Valencia of chair in his last fight and achieved in an outstanding way the gold medal for the entity in the closing of judo in Conade National Games that took place in Hermosillo, Sonora.

It also highlights the Danae Rodríguez from Xalapeña with the plant medalwho is installed in the grand final against Corina Espadas from Guadalajara in the division of less than 57 kilograms, who finally won the gold medal.

The golden metal of María Esther Landa is thanks to the great strategic work shown in the last fight, for which it is placed as the best in the country in the division of more than 78 kilograms, category Sub 21 Women; she is trained by Ariel Fraylan.

Against whom did the Veracruz women fight?

The rivals that the judoka beat to reach the gold were; Kamila del Campo from Sonora, Zaira Chávez from Quintana Roo, Ana Banda from Nuevo León, and Itzel Chávez from Jalisco, with duels held at the Northwest Sports Unit of the Multiple Use Center in Hermosillo, Sonora,

The second silver medal was achieved by Fernanda Landa Valencia in the Women’s Sub 21 after falling against Jessica Gómez from Chiapas in the division of less than 78 kilograms, in a cardiac final.

Who won the gold medal?

In Danae’s fight, the winner of the gold was Corina Espadas from Guadalajara, who had to reach the gold to the point of gold, where the xalapeña fell with her face in the sun and with an outstanding performance.

Sports authorities once again congratulate the great work of Veracruz athletes in judo, for placing the State at the top with this sport that leaves good results with medals.

José Alberto Nava Lozano was in charge of rewarding the Veracruz competitors who placed at the top of the podium.

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In this way, Veracruz judo concludes with a general balance of a gold medal, two silvers and three bronzes in these Conade 2022 Nationals that were held in Hermosillo, Sonora.



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