Carcassonne. Eight archers from the City hit the bullseye at the Aude championships

On Sunday June 5, the Archers de la Cité club organized the departmental outdoor archery championships, consisting of two separate events: the Olympic discipline (70m shooting) and the national discipline (50m shooting) .

These championships – integrated into a general qualifying competition for the French championships – have made it possible to welcome archers from all over France: from Haute-Garonne, Ariège and Hérault but also from Rhône, Landes and of Ille-et-Vilaine. The presence of these competitors from outside our department proved to be very stimulating for the Audois.

It was in the presence of many inhabitants of Montredon who came in curiosity that our Carcassonnais succeeded in doing well, whether at 70 m (with 7 archers out of 7 on the podiums) or at 50 m (with 9 archers on 10 rewarded). It should be noted that the competitors particularly appreciated this Montredon site, which is perfectly suited to the archery events.

At the end of a day where each shooter endeavored to deploy his best level, the rewards were awarded by Catherine Simon, president of the Aude departmental committee for archery, and Patrick Danesin, president City Archers.

The results of the Carcassonne archers are thus established,

Olympic discipline: 1st in their category, Clément Douce (S1HCL), Alain Lucas (S2HCL), Joël Hurlault (S3HCL); 2nd Maxime Calatayud (S1HCL), Sébastien Ubeda (S2HCL), Henry Grégoire-Estève (S3HCL); 3rd, Bruno Maridet (S3HCL), discipline nationale : 1st Baptiste Manses (BHCL), Maxime Calatayud (S1HCL), Laure Faudot-Bel (S2FCL), Alain Lucas (S2HCL), Henry Grégoire-Estève (S3HCL); 2nd Clément Douce (S1HCL), Laurent Fournier (S2HCL), Bruno Maridet (S3HCL); 3rd, Sébastien Ubeda (S2HCL) and René Vaysselier (S3HCL).

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The Archers de la Cité club would like to thank the clubs and archers for their presence as well as the staff of the City’s sports department who, with their precious help, contributed to the smooth running of this sporting event.



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