No alcohol, no sex for supporters in Qatar? Not quite correct.

It was the English tabloid Daily Star which set fire to the powder by announcing that during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, one-night sexual adventures would be punishable by 7 years in prison. And the announcement quickly went around the world. Beyond the catchy title, it is necessary to relativize.

Rooms for married couples

In Qatar, as in other Muslim countries, it is theoretically forbidden to share a hotel room with an adult without being married to that person. That’s for the theory. Because in practice, most rather upscale hotels do not ask Westerners for a marriage certificate. According to the specialized site absolutdoha, it would be very easy to circumvent this regulation, especially since hotels are not held responsible in the event of fraud. But beware, Qatar still frowns on homosexuality, and public displays of affection aren’t exactly well regarded.

The somersault of one evening is therefore part of this logic which wants that one has sexual relations only with his wife or his husband. No law has recently been enacted specifically on this subject in view of the World Cup. Especially since to be sanctioned, it must be known…

Alcohol prohibited?

Nope ! Qatar does not prohibit the consumption of alcohol. But he frames it seriously. Thus, it is illegal to consume alcohol in public and to be intoxicated on public roads. This can, in fact, be punished by imprisonment. But alcohol is available in licensed establishments (hotels, restaurants, bars) as long as it is not consumed on the terrace, or else in a masked way (some glasses are opaque!). There are even stores where alcohol is sold, depending on the Qatar Distribution Company. But to take advantage of it, you must have a residence permit. This therefore does not apply to tourists or supporters.

The latter should be able to fall back on the “fan zones”, located within the stadiums, where the sponsor’s beer will be served. But consumption will be confined to these areas and it will be forbidden to drink alcohol in the stands, except in the boxes for the wealthy.

Note that at the end of June, the Royal Belgian Football Union has not received any instructions from the organizer, FIFA. As its spokesperson, Pierre Cornez, puts it: “Officially, we haven’t received any information regarding fan zones and alcohol consumption. It is not impossible that FIFA is still negotiating a possible relaxation and that the rules change by November. In the meantime, supporters should find out about the legislation in force in the host country.

And to learn about Qatar, there are a good number of sites and blogs, as well as the essential Foreign Affairs site.



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