Magallanes Judo swept the tournament held in the Los Rios Region

UOnce again Magellanic judo had an outstanding participation in the South Zonal Tournament, held in San José de la Mariquina, Valdivia, Los Ríos Region.

It was there that athletes from the Judo Pudeto club and the Children’s Promesas Chile program participated in differentdifferent categories, with great participation and obtaining in the final medal table: 7 first places, 5 second places.

Results of the day

1st Place Vicente Alvarez

1st place Jose Luis Carcamo

1st place Esteban Carcamo

1st place Rafaella Alvarez

1st place Reimundo Salas

1st place John Madrid

1er lugar Maira Madrid

2nd place Eric Fuentes

2nd place Reimundo Salas

2nd place John Madrid

2nd place Brayan Barrientos

2nd place Rafaella Alvarez

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