How to pronounce baseball in English

How to pronounce baseball in English

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How to pronounce kaws in English?

Homophonic: Kaws Many people will read Kaws as “Kaws”, but in fact, the “aw” here is the pronunciation of “o”, so it is read as “Kows”. For street artists who have become popular all over the world Kaws, maybe everyone only.

Baseball English + how to spell


How to pronounce van in English

van[væn] [词典释义] n. Pioneer; van; value-added network vt. Car handling n. (van) name; [网络短语] van van, empty, value added network van helsing.

How to pronounce should in English

should English[ʃud, ʃəd] nice[ʃʊd] 1. Should 2. Possibly 3. Will 1. Should The day was drawing near when we should have completed the reservoir.

How to pronounce the English word for thread group?

[词典] clew; a ball of string; a reel of thread; knob;

How to pronounce sh0w in English


How to pronounce jepson in English?

Pinyin (the first sound of jie is similar to tie) (the third sound of shen is similar to aunt)

How to pronounce picnic in English

on sunday, my family and ann’s family were free. so we went to west hill for a picnic. we took some food with us. in the west hill, my mother and ann’s mother had to cook. my father and ann’s father carried some water with us. my brother and i flew a kite on the grassland. ann’s father and ann are ang some songs. at lunch, ann and i said :“the food is very nice!” my mother and ann’s mother said with a smile:“ thanks.” after meal, we are went to .

How to pronounce basketball in English







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