Inter Milan Ultras put things straight with Lukaku: ‘He was a king. Now he’s a player like any other’

His departure to Chelsea had been experienced like a betrayal.What matters is not those who flee in the rain. They are the ones who stay in the storm. Ciao, Romelu”, had hammered on a La Curva Nord banner.

This Wednesday, Inter’s most influential fan group posted a message on their social media to clear things up, as Romelu Lukaku’s return to Serie A is imminent. “Our group supports Inter and they will not object to the player’s arrival. However, no one should go and greet him with scarves at the airport.”

The Ultras also specify that he will have to “deserving the encouragement thanks to his humility and his sweat spent on the pitch. He was a king. Now he is a player like the others.”

They end their message by adding that “We took note of Lukaku’s betrayal and were very upset. For a player, these things can be forgiven over time, but they remain.”

Romelu has his work cut out to become Inter’s darling again, even if the Italian press seems impatient to see him again.

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