RANS Nusantara FC vs Persija Jakarta results in the 2022 President’s Cup: The Phoenix Party Goal, Destroys the Kemayoran Tigers 5-1 : Okezone Bola

RESULTS RANS Nusantara FC vs Persija Jakarta in the 2022 Presidential Cup has been known, on Wednesday (22/6/2022) night WIB. The team nicknamed The Phoenix managed to score a goal against Persija Jakarta.

Had a 2-0 lead in the first half, Rahmad Darmawan’s team appeared crazy after halftime. The Phoenix managed to add three goals, to close the 5-1 victory over the Kemayoran Tigers (the nickname of Persija Jakarta).

(RANS Nusantara FC vs Persija Jakarta match (Photo: Instagram/@rans.nusantara)

The course of the match

First round

Starting the first half, both teams played at a moderate tempo. They are still both groping the game by dwelling in the middle of the field.

Entering the middle of the round, RANS Nusantara FC slightly dominated. They played possession of the ball in the heart of Persija’s defense although not aggressively.

Slowly these efforts paid off. Starting from a throw-in one of their players without an escort on the left side of the attack.

He gave a slow pass into the middle of the penalty box. There was already Septian Bagaskara who greeted him with a header. The score became 1-0 for the advantage of RANS NUSANTARA FC Nusantara.

Missing one goal, Persija started to act after the water break. Macan Kemayoran began to include the main players.

The effect they can appear more attacking. However, from there the defensive line of Ferdiansyah’s team got higher.

RANS Nusantara FC also took advantage of that with a regional pass to the front players. In the 44th minute, Edo Febriansyah who received the bait did a solo run until he could hit the ball into Adre’s goal. The score becomes 2-0.

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Second round

Like the first half, both teams were still trying to read their opponent’s game early on. The tempo was not running too fast.

From the side of RANS Nusantara FC, it has started to include senior players. But at Persija Jakarta, there are still young players to rely on.

RANS Nusantara FC vs Persija Jakarta

(RANS Nusantara FC vs Persija Jakarta (Photo: Instagram/@rans.nusantara)

As a result, RANS Nusantara FC were able to increase their advantage in the 58th minute. Alfin Tuasalamony had the opportunity to face the goalkeeper directly. But the ball at his feet can be bounced.

The ball went to the feet of the unaccompanied Kobai Lida. With ease, the Japanese player passed the ball into an empty net. The score was 3-0 for RANS Nusantara FC.

Another disaster experienced by Persija Jakarta’s back line. The captain, Candra made a blunder by heading the ball towards the goalkeeper who was not ready. The ball rolled wildly and was greeted by David Laly. The score is 4-0 for RANS Nusantara FC.

Another nightmare for Persija Jakarta in the 83rd minute. RANS Nusantara FC received a penalty after Christan Gonzales was violated. Gonzales, who is also the executor, has successfully carried out his duties. Score 5-0 for RANS Nusantara FC.

Persija Jakarta got a consolation goal in the 88th minute. Through Miyazaki’s penalty which had been pushed aside, he immediately threw the ball back to him. The score is 1-5.

RANS Nusantara FC Nusantara vs Persija Jakarta line-up

RANS Nusantara FC XI: Hilman Shah; Ady S, Edo F, Zamzani, V. Sallinas, Arthur B, Defri Riski, Ikhsan Nul, K. Lida, F. Akbar, Septian Bagaskara

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Coach: Rahmad Darmawan

Persija Jakarta: Adree; B. Sobor, Candra, Kobayashi, Fikri, Frengky Missa, Ginanjar, M. Rafli, Rayhan, Ginting, Miyazaki

Coach: Ferdiansyah



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