Great news for the Lakers regarding a key player!

The Lakers will be active in the coming weeks, with the firm intention of improving their workforce. We can obviously hope for signatures, but we will also have to retain the important elements, like Malik Monk. The rear is a free agent this summer, and has already decided on his future. Rob Pelinka knows what he has to do now.

The free agency market opens its doors on Thursday evening, and promises to be explosive from the start. We expect action from the title contenders, who will quickly want to find solutions to improve their roster for the new season. In the lot? The Lakers, unsurprisingly, have things to be forgiven for after a largely failed campaign. Kyrie Irving could land in a crazy tradebut another player is courted.

Because if the Angelinos have had a few good games during this exercise, it is not only thanks to LeBron James, or Anthony Davis. The bench players were able to bring, like the surprise Austin Reaves. Another one that absolutely stood out? Malik Monk, who has come a long way after being abandoned by the Hornets, who did not believe in him. We can say that the revenge was successful.

Malik Monk already fixed on his future!

With 13.8 points and 3.4 rebounds on average, all that at the veteran minimum, Monk is one big surprise for the Lakers. The bet was real for the front office, which wanted to revive the 24-year-old player, who never really had a chance in Charlotte. He responded perfectly, but now finds himself a free agent, with the possibility of joining another team. Only here, as he reveals to The Athletic, he is ready to make an effort to stay in the City of Angels.

Maybe the Lakers can’t pay me as much as I’d like. But I can very well stay here and be very comfortable, much more than in another team while receiving 5 million more. So I just want to know which team really wants me.

With his performances and his young age, Monk can aim for 10 million per season, according to some sources. It’s too much for the Pourpre et Or, who won’t be able to offer him more than an exception midlevel, worth around 6.3 million. It’s a big financial sacrifice for Monk, but as you can see from his statement, he’s ready for it.

For the time being, no information concerning the Lakers and for good reason: this exception could be used for Irving, who will potentially be free on Thursday evening. We are still waiting to know more, but Marcus Monk, his agent and his brother, is clear:

Malik loves being here. He wants to be a Laker. But we can’t have those conversations with the Lakers yet, because he’s an unrestricted free agent. So once this all kicks off, let’s hope it’s all good. We are loyal people, and we are very grateful for the Lakers opportunity. We don’t take this lightly.

Malik Monk does not hide it: he is ready to do what is necessary to stay a little longer with the Lakers. But with the Kyrie Irving soap opera, the front office could go in another direction, which fans may not like. We will know more from Wednesday and Thursday.



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