Former Waseda Ace’s pitching theory, which marked the fastest 154km after retiring from his own body as a “laboratory” | Full-Count

Saint Uchida runs a baseball academy and an online salon in which Hawk and Senga participate.

There is no goal. The unique leader who runs an online salon in which many professional baseball players participate, including pitcher Kodai Senga of Softbank, does not stop even with the guidance of the junior generation. Doubting common sense and correct answers, use your body as an “experimental table” and pursue further answers. The philosophy of telling only convincing methods is widely supported by boys and baseball children and professionals.

In a quiet residential area of ​​Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, there is an indoor practice area where professional baseball players also attend. There is no eye-catching signboard, and it quietly blends into other houses. The word of mouth has spread, and players of all categories, from children to professional baseball players, are visiting.

It is Saint Uchida who runs this indoor practice field and teaches the players. He participated in the summer Koshien when he was in the second year of Waseda Jitsugyo High School, and walked the royal road of amateurs with Waseda University, JX-ENEOS. After that, he continued training while working as an office worker, and in 2019 signed a contract with the New Jersey Jackals of the US independent league. Although he retired from active duty for that year, his curiosity and inquisitiveness about baseball knowledge and skills did not diminish even if he took off his uniform, and he opened an online salon and baseball academy “NEO LAB”. Many professional baseball players such as Senga also participate in the online salon.

Mr. Uchida doubts common sense and spends his days thinking that he has better body usage and training than the current situation. She says, “Sports are what humans do, so there are mistakes and mistakes. I’m doing it now, thinking that the training I’m doing may not be right next year.” Multiply the knowledge you have absorbed and your own experience to find a better way. If you come up with a hypothesis, try it yourself.

We recommend a throwing form that does not put your elbows forward, and after retiring from active duty, measure 155 kg softly.



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