Echoes of the last gonca: Does Schumacher really have a place in the First Formula? – Click

The Canadian Grand Prix of Formula One (F-1) took place last weekend, and new questions and answers have emerged since the race.


Under the heading “Reverberations from the last gonka” we look back at what we experienced last weekend in F-1.

Once again, the victory was won by Red Bull driver Max Verstapen, who was able to withstand the offensive of Ferrari driver Carlos Sains in the final stage of the race. Although a safety car / virtual safety car went on the track three times in this race, it cannot be said to be eventful. However, this time too there is something to talk about.

After qualifying on Saturday, Haas driver Mick Schumacher, who won his sixth starting position, could reasonably expect the first points of his F-1 career. Unfortunately for the young pilot, his race ended on the 20th lap due to technical problems. Again, however, there was a reasonable suspicion that Mick could have been left without points, which inevitably leads to the question – does Schumacher really have a place in the First Formula now?

Continuing the excellent performance in the qualification, we should mention the old master Fernando Alonso, who won the second place on a rainy Saturday. True, the efforts of the Alpine two-time champion were wasted with an ill-considered strategy in Sunday’s race.

This time, Ferrari took a perhaps premature step by completely replacing Charles Clare’s engine. Ferrari boss Matija Binoto has said his team will not be ashamed of penalties for changing engine components as the season progresses. But will it be able to return them to the title race?

Staying with Ferrari, Carlos Sains has shown this weekend why he is not one of the contenders for the title this season.

Finally, it’s worth “translating” Pierre Gasli into AlphaTauri until the end of next season.



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