Drama premieres July 2022, new Korean series

Lovers of broadcast series will have new series to add to their to-do list, we will tell you about the new dramas that will be released throughout July 2022. You will find stories of romance, fantasy and legal issues.

Although there are many fans who like to watch the dramas marathon, for others it is more comfortable to follow the stories that are currently being broadcast and new episodes are released every week. So if you are one of them, you will not want to lose sight of the Korean series that are about to be released.

Watching doramas in broadcast has many advantages, one of them is being able to comment on networks everything that is happening in the new chapters and share with other fans the experience of following a story.

In july 2022 we will see very interesting stories, with romance, mystery and many surprises, but it will also be the return of Korean actors like Lee Jong Suk. Find out what these are about. new dramas and choose which one to watch.

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Korean Dramas That Will Start Airing In July 2022 And You Shouldn’t Miss

Premiere: July 29

Starring: Lee Jong Suk and YoonA

Park Chang Ho is a lawyer who is not usually successful in his cases, he is known for being a talker and that is why his nickname is Big Mouth. His life takes a turn when he gets involved in a criminal case and is mistaken for an evil man known as Big Mouse.

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Premiere: July 20

Starring: Ji Sung, Seo Ji Hye, Lee So Kyung

Woo Shin and Soo Hyun are twin brothers who have had a difficult life, their adoptive father lost his life because of a crime and their real father was sentenced as guilty, but years later they discover that he was not responsible and they will put hands to the work to reveal the truth.

Drama Adams. | Source: Instagram @tvn_drama

Premiere: July 29

Starring: Kim Sejeong, Nam Yoon Su, Choi Daniel

Oh Ma Eum used to be a talented judo athlete, but an injury forced him to retire from the sport. Now he is starting a new job as a webtoon editor, so he will do his best to be successful in this area.

Today’s Webtoon. | Fuente: Instagram @sbsdrama.official

  • Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Premiere: June 29

Starring: Park Eun Bin, Kang Tae Oh, Kang Ki Young

Woo Young Woo is a lawyer with Asperger syndrome, she has an amazing talent but to carry out her profession she needs to improve her interactions with other people, will she be able to show her skills?

Extraordinary Attorney Woo. | Fuente: Twitter @DzoneMy

Premiere: June 15

Starring: Kim Hee Sun, Lee Hyun Wook, Jung Yoo Jin

The plot presents us with the idea that in the upper class of South Korea, marriage is not a matter of love, but of business and benefits, the drama will take us to see if that really works for the characters.

Remarriage & Desires. | Fuente: Twitter @heesuningz

Protagonists by: Lee Joon Young, Lee Hye Ri, Lee Kyu Han

This Korean drama tells the story of a butler who runs errands for those who pay for his services, but each of the errands costs 100 won. He is related to Dong Joo, who runs a funeral company and grants wishes to those who have lost their lives.

In addition, we tell you that you must see if you loved the story of Abyss.



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