Dangjin City Hall won a complete win, and Miryang City Hall took a new victory despite losing doubles and went to the final stage. [전국배드민턴연맹전] > NEWS

Miryang City Hall’s last single runner, Choon-ah.

[배드민턴코리아] It was like winning and reaching the finals, but the process was different. On the 23rd, Dangjin City Hall and Miryang City Hall defeated Gwangmyeong City Hall and Gimcheon City Hall, respectively, to advance to the final in the semifinals of the men’s general team match against the 2022 Nogo Danbae National University Badminton Federation held at the Gurye Indoor Gymnasium in Gurye-gun, Jeollanam-do on the 23rd.

Dangjin City Hall defeated Gwangmyeong City Hall 2-0 in the previous game and won the combined score 3-0. Dangjin City Hall opened the gate with Lee Dong-geun’s 2-0 (21-8 21-10) victory over Jeon Bong-chan, and in the second single, Jung Min-seon defeated Han Ki-hoon 2-0 (21-16 21-11), and Kim Hwi-tae – Im Ji-su in doubles Kim Dae-eun and Ahn Jin-ha defeated Kim Dae-eun 2-0 (21-19 21-16) after a close match and succeeded in a complete victory.

On the other hand, Miryang City Hall fought a bloody battle until the finals. It was a match in which Miryang City Hall won three singles matches and Gimcheon City Hall held both doubles matches. The absence of Seung-hoon Seung, who joined the Armed Forces Sports Unit this year, was heartbreaking for Gimcheon City Hall.

Miryang City Hall’s Dong-Hoon Kim defeated Yoo Tae-Bin 2-0 (21-19 21-14) and Wan-Ho Son took Lee Yun-Kyu 2-0 (21-19 21-16), and Miryang City Hall quickly took two wins. In particular, Son Wan-ho, who suffered from an injury this year, was in a difficult condition, but it was encouraging that he showed off his ‘world-class’ health by winning over the current national team representative, Lee Yoon-gyu.

Gimcheon City Hall, who lost down in the singles, started chasing in the doubles. Gimcheon City Hall’s doubles ace Ko Seong-hyeon and Wang Chan Group defeated Kim Sa-rang and Choi Hyuk-gyun 2-0 (21-18 21-8). In the first doubles, which drew attention due to the confrontation between Go Seong-hyeon and Kim Sa-rang, the signboards of both teams, in the first game, Kim Sa-rang of technique and Ko Seong-hyun of strength showed their skills and played a close battle, but in the second game, Kim Sa-rang and Choi Hyuk-gyun collapsed, and Ko Seong-hyun and Wang Chan were victorious. earned

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Afterwards, Choi Jong-woo and Shin Tae-yang from Gimcheon City Hall won 2-0 (21-16 21-17) over Jeong Eui-seok and Park Se-woong, and the game went to the third singles in the end. In the final singles, Miryang City Hall Cheonah showed good condition and defeated Jung Woo-min 2-0 (21-6 21-12).

On the other hand, in the men’s college division, Gimcheondae A defeated Baekseokdae A after a bloody battle, and Chuchan Chu shot down Lee Joohyun and advanced to the final 3-2.

Gurye = Reporter Lee Hyuk-hee



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