Curry and James, two jewels born in the same hospital

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In life there are many stories that intersect because of different circumstances. That of LeBron James and Stephen Curry is a ‘fiction’ that coincides more than others. The two NBA stars not only share four NBA titles, MVPs and the entire dominance of the league but also share the same region of origin. This is not all, the two were born, four years apart in the same city, in Akron, a town in Ohio, but above all they were born in the same hospital. The place in question is Summa Akron City Hospitala clinic that gave life to two of the best players in the history of this game.

The ‘golden cradle’ of the United States, Akronis a town with 190,469 inhabitants where two of them won, globally, eight NBA titles, the most prestigious basketball tournament in the world.

If before the city was considered the capital of tires, because of the presence of the company Goodyear y Bridgestonewill now be remembered forever by the presence of these two phenomena.

In 1984, Gloria James gave birth to her only child on the site. LeBron, unlike Steph, was always very much a legacy to his land, to his country. His childhood spent there created the connection that he carried on his back throughout his career. Although far from the city of him, he was cataloged as the ‘child of Akron’. Despite his direct words of love towards the people, LeBron is also one of the biggest benefactors in the area. The player created the foundation that bears his name, ‘King James’, which deals with helping children who have grown up in these areas and who are in difficulty, such as when in 2015 it paid for the university of 2,300 children who did not have the possibility of accessing higher education. This was just one of the thousands of actions that LeBron ended in favor of Cleveland. The greatest achievement of the four-time NBA champion was leading the home team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, to an unexpected title, the first and only in the entire history of the franchise that in 2016 saw the trophy enter its board. His tears went around the world at the end of the game and his cry «Cleveland, this is for you!» it moved a city and an entire state, that of Ohio. During the celebrations in the city she declared “I am nothing without this city. I am nothing without all of you.

Different is the story of Stephen Curry, a boy who was born in Akron but always changed from city to city. The reason is simple, his father, Dell Curry, was also a professional NBA player and this forced him to travel a lot during his career. In the 1987/1988 season, Curry Senior moved from the Utah Jazz to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Here he only stayed a year because later he went to the Hornets but, in the meantime, Sonya Curry gave birth to her first child: Stephen Curry. This happened in the exact same clinic, where LeBron James had been born just four years earlier. The Golden State Warriors player did not have the legacy to Akron during his career as LeBron did. Steph lived his childhood in Charlotte and then he also spent part of his life in Toronto for the transfer of his father to the Raptors.

Time passed and both stepped on the NBA, they proved champions, they won MVPs, eight total championships and, curiously, they faced each other in four consecutive NBA Finals. Herein lies the miracle of Akron: two of the most defining players of this century were born in the same room. Seeing is believing.

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