Bulls 2022 NBA Draft: EJ Liddell, Jalen Williams among the possible fits in 18th place

That Chicago Bulls it can go in different directions this week NBA Draft that makes it impossible to decipher exactly what they will do.

But no matter what the outcome, the Bulls’ goal is to emerge with at least one player who can improve them. If they were to equalize with choice no. 18, there will be choices. The players that should be included in the Chicago selection range offer an intriguing mix of size and saves or direction and potential.

Here are five possible adjustments for the bulls 18, followed by snippets of expert analysis That Athletics teacher del design Vecenie itself.

EJ Liddell | forward | 6 feet 7 | 21 years | State of Ohio

Liddell has become a star for the Buckeyes this season and is a household name to some as a native of Belleville, Illinois who has won two state high school championships and the Illinois Mr. Basketball has won honors as a junior and senior. In the NBA he will have to adapt to a complementary role. But if the Bulls are looking for someone who can make an immediate contribution, Liddell could be the name at number 18.

Liddell confronts equally underpowered but effective strikers like Draymond GreenPJ Tucker e Williams concession. Like them, he prides himself on his tenacity, energy and willingness to do the dirty work and whatever it takes to win. Liddell has also demonstrated leadership in the state of Ohio by serving as a selfless, vocal and emotional team captain.

In Chicago, Liddell would have met a yard need. It would offer depth and defensive versatility. Liddell can protect multiple positions, swapping the smaller players on the edge and putting the big men on the low post. His length, athleticism and blocks help compensate for his smaller stature than his position, and this season he has made his 2.6 blocks per game in various ways: direct man defense, assist side, roaming, improvisation. Filming of him is developing and in need of more refinement. But Liddell was able to turn into a reliable part by contributing from day one.

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Vecenie’s attitude: “Liddell was one of them the best players in the country this season and of course among the most productive across the board. He averaged 19 points, nearly eight rebounds, 2.5 assists and 2.6 blocks per game. He did it too with great efficiency, shooting 49 percent from the field and 37 percent from 3. NBA scouts have similar concerns with Liddell as last year regarding his lateral quickness and defensive positioning. Some scouts believe he could play around five, like an undersized kid, due to his ability to block shots. Williams concession, but others are less convinced by its small size. Also, despite the increase in the percentage of 3 points, the teams are a bit worried about how long his shot will last on a flat trajectory ”.

Jalen Williams | ali | 6-6 | 21 Anni | Santa Clara

Williams is another late comer which may have untapped potential. Given their heavy roster, the Bulls don’t need an urgent perspective on William’s prowess. But in a wing-dominated league, Chicago can never have enough threats and developing some in your pipeline is never a bad idea.

Williams has earned respect as a complete player. He can shoot / score at all three levels, is a primary ball manager in the playroom, is a creative passer-by and can defend multiple positions. He has a wingspan of 7 feet 2 and is built in the shape of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

The question Williams faces centers on the level of competition he faced in college. How much can his level of play increase against the world elite?

Vecenie’s attitude: “He has all the instruments you are looking for from a grand piano to play in the NBA. He manages to handle the ball bouncing at a high level with a real shake. He hits 3 seconds, can drive straight through traffic and makes contact with his lower center of gravity. He has a strong sense of passing the ball, having grown up as a smaller point guard. He has averaged four assists per game this season for Santa Clara against just 2.1 turnovers. Guys of that size and skill tend to stay in the NBA. “

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Jalen Duren | forward / center | 6-10 | 18 years | memphis

Will it still be available at 18? If there is one outlook that the bulls are worth trading for, it could be Duren.

Duren is as impressive as they come physically and athletically. And he won’t be 19 until mid-November. A team much higher in the Bulls draft order could be betting on Duren’s potential. But if he slips – or if the Bulls try to come forward – Duren could be a solid pick, a potential permanent replacement for the starting center. Nikola Vucevic.

Duren can run on the floor, block shots, finish lobs and throw them and wreak havoc from the center. His death could turn into a serious threat and make some comparisons with the Miami star Bam Adebayo. The bulls need a long-term response to the center. If they somehow left with Duren, the future could look a lot brighter in Chicago.

Vecenie’s attitude: “In the end, I see it as such By Andre Jordan starter kit. Will Duren be able to become Jordan’s best? Sara the key for him to become one of the top 10 centers in the league.

Marco Williams | center | 7-0 | 20 years | duke

Interior clearance and rim protection are two of the biggest demands of bulls. The bulls should spend leverage on these specific characteristics and Williams will be available at no. 18? These are two big questions surrounding this potential selection.

Still, Williams is one of the best blockers around. With a wingspan of 7’7 and a standstill range of 9’8 ″, it could convert more shots than it blocked. It’s a one-man barricade that scares the riflemen whenever he’s around. But he’s not just a blocker. Williams is a smart player who keeps himself constantly on the move, whether he is hitting the ground for substitution opportunities or reading and reacting in an offensive manner like a net threat from the ball screens. He is also a strong finisher.

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Defense in space and external artillery are areas of concern for Williams’ long-term potential. But he offers a lot to be considered a worthy goal for the Bulls if it’s achievable.

Vecenie’s attitude: “Williams is one of the best rim protectors in design, a 7-foot post chaser who has blocked three shots per game this season and has improved over the course of the year. He also averaged 11 points per game and shot 72 percent off the field like a monstrous runner, a skill that should translate well given his ability to roll downhill. He walks well on the ground and has an elite length, even by NBA center standards.

Tari Eason | forward | 6-8 | 20 years | LSU

Eason is perhaps the most common name associated with the Bulls’ eighteenth pick. In its mock draft Vencenie lets the bulls choose Eason.

After moving from Cincinnati, Eason faced a defensive threat last season as a sophomore at LSU. Its mix of length, athleticism, energy, brains and timing make it an intriguing prospect. He checks almost every box of what a modern NBA striker must be. Perhaps his biggest strength is his ability to defend multiple positions, giving him an edge and making him a nightmare when forced to run around the perimeter. The Bulls need more defenders and Eason would come in well.

But shooting is his biggest concern. Will Eason continue to make progress with his form and efficiency? He could be the difference between becoming a defensive ace and a two-way stud.

Vecenie’s attitude: “His sweater looks a bit messy because it has a catapult-like mechanic that takes a while to smooth out. Also, he’s not a great director for others. But defensively, there are few prospects in this project with greater potential to protect a variety of players on the ball. Sometimes he can get lost while he executes his team’s plan, but I bet teams are willing to bet that he understands it.

(Photo by EJ Liddell: Joseph Maiorana / USA Today)



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