the Edwards Lifesciences sports scholarship rewarded its winners

This Tuesday, like last year, a total of 35,000 francs was paid by the medical equipment company to young athletes under the age of 18 and clubs in the Nyon district practicing a “minority” sport, i.e. an activity little publicized or in development.

Edwards Lifesciences is a company based in Nyon, specializing in the field of heart valves and hemodynamic monitoring, which is committed to encouraging the practice of sport in the region.

make dreams come true

Every year for almost a decade, it offers young people, clubs and associations, but also seniors over 60, the chance to obtain a scholarship of at least 1000 francs and which can climb up to 7500 francs.

Thanks to this support, the athletes can finance their respective sport and dream of major competitions, in Switzerland or abroad. For the clubs of the district, it is a precious help to develop or to set up new projects.

The winners of this edition
Fourteen clubs and associations: Vovinam Viet Vo Dao Sports Association; Léman Fit & Fun; Association Gym Coeur Nyon; Twirling Sport Nyon; Nyon Women’s Basketball; The King’s Guard Club; Founex Nautical Club; Nautical Club of Prangins; Société Nautique de Nyon (for two different crews); Nyon Rugby Club; Rhythmic Gymnastics Nyon; Swiss Disabled Sailing; Nyon triathlon.
Six athletes: Kilian Josseron (karting), Claire Beauvir (triathlon), Mélody Veillard (judo), Kyane Milleret (judo), Christopher Clarke (bowling), Malika Gobet (swimming).

Mathieu Navarro

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