Bradley Beal, the dream of a Big Three at the Celtics

Bradley Beal should decline his “player option” for next season and thus end up on the market. However, the back seems set to stay at the Washington Wizards. The DC franchise has the advantage of being able to offer him a contract at 247.6 million dollars over 5 years.

The other teams can “only” offer him $183 million over 4 years. But of course, several NBA franchises will try to attract him. And according to information from Stadium journalist Jeff Goodman, the Boston Celtics particularly appreciate the profile of the 28-year-old player.

Unsurprisingly, a possible arrival in this off-season seems particularly complex. To succeed in recruiting him, the recent unfortunate finalists need to go through a “sign-and-trade”. And the Wizards are likely to claim a big package.

In Boston, the objective would be to associate Beal with Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. As we know, Beal and Tatum, both born in Saint-Louis, have a strong relationship. A link that could have an impact on the discussions.

For now, this is a very distant dream. But the decision of Bradley Beal will be watched carefully. Because several contenders for the NBA title follow him…

Bradley Beal, the Warriors have very seriously dug this track



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