BetPlay League Final 2022: which Colombian teams qualify for the Copa Libertadores and Sudamericana?

After the semi-final home runs came to an end, Atlético Nacional and Deportes Tolima, winners of groups A and B, respectively, managed to advance to the grand final of the Betplay League, where they will face each other looking to conquer the first star of this year.

The grand final will take place this Wednesday, June 22, with the first leg at the Atanasio Girardot stadium at 8:00 pm, while the second leg will be played on Sunday, June 26, at the Manuel Murillo Toro stadium in the city of I went at 7:00 pm, there it will be known if Nacional conquers its star 17 or on the contrary, the Tolimenses keep the fourth title in their history.

Quotas to international tournaments

Colombia has four places in the Copa Libertadores, two are awarded to the champions of both the opening and closing tournaments who will go directly to the group stage, while the remaining two will be awarded one to the best in the reclassification who have kept the title and the other to the winner of the Colombia Cup. Therefore, the first place in the international competition will be for Tolima or Nacional.

For the South American Cup, Colombia has four quotas granted for the first phasethese will be for the best teams in the reclassification table that are not classified for the Copa Libertadores. So we will have to wait until the end of the year to meet these classifieds.

Although there is still a semester to play, until now Deportes Tolima is the one that leads the reclassification, which adds the points obtained in the regular phase, those of home runs and the results of the grand final. Behind those from Ibagué are Atlético Nacional, Millonarios and Independiente Medellín.

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Reclassification table

Equipment PTS PJ PG PE PP
Sports Tolima 53 26 16 5 5
National Athletic 48 26 13 9 4
millionaires 48 26 14 6 6
Independent Medellin 45 26 13 6 7
Junior 40 26 12 4 10
Equity 39 26 10 9 7
Atletico Bucaramanga 35 26 10 5 11
Envigado 32 26 8 8 10
Oil Alliance 29 20 7 8 5
Independent Santa Fe 27 20 7 7 6


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