Bhayangkara FC vs Persib Bandung results in the 2022 President’s Cup: Maung Bandung Wins 1-0! : Okezone Ball

BANDUNG – Persib Bandung against Bhayangkara FC on the final matchday of Group C of the 2022 Presidential Cup. The match took place at Si Jalak Harupat Stadium, Tuesday (21/6/2022), evening WIB.

The match was fierce from the first minute. However, Maung Bandung was able to win 1-0 over Bhayangkara.

The course of the match

First round

Bhayangkara tried to suppress from the start, but they had difficulty entering Persib’s defense. Meanwhile, Persib has difficulty developing the game.

Observed until the 15th minute, there has been no dangerous opportunity. A new dangerous opportunity was created in the 17th minute, but Katsuyoshi Kimishima’s shot was saved by Persib goalkeeper Fitrul Dwi Rustapa

Persib also responded in the 24th minute. However, Frets Butuan’s shot was saved by the Bhayangkara goalkeeper, Awan Setho.

Bhayangkara launched a barrage of attacks in the 33rd minute. However, Fitrul Dwi Rustapa appeared heroic when thwarting Sani Rizky and Youssef Ezzejjari’s shots.

Bhayangkara seemed more dominant, but it was Persib who broke the deadlock in the 35th minute. David da Silva’s low shot was blocked by Awan Setho so the score changed to 1-0 for Persib.

No additional goals were created until the first half ended. Score 1-0 for Persib advantage lasted until halftime.

Second round

Bhayangkara appeared more careful in the second half. Persib are also trying to increase their advantage in order to qualify for the last eight comfortably.

However, the chances of both teams are not dangerous. The match was held at a moderate tempo.

Bhayangkara’s move to play it safe actually backfired. Because, Persib more freely build attacks.

Luckily, the threat from Persib was still able to be thwarted by Cloud Setho. Febri Haryadi’s shot in the 60th minute was secured and David Da Silva’s shot in the 81st minute was also anticipated.

No additional goals were created until the game ended. Persib also won 1-0 over Bhayangkara. Both teams ensured themselves to qualify for the quarterfinals.


Persib Bandung XI (4-2-3-1): Fitriul Dwi Rustapa; Henhen Herdiana, Achmad Jufriyanto, Dedi Kusnandar, Zalnando, Abdul Aziz, Bechkam Putra, Erwin Ramdani, Ezra Walian, Frets Butuan, David Da Silva

Trainer: Robert Rene Alberts

Bhayangkara FC (4-2-3-1): Setho Cloud; Ruben Sanadi, Indra Kahfi, Anderson Salles, Muhammad Fatchurrochman, Hargianto, Finky Pasamba, Dendy Sulistiawan, Katsuyoshi Kimishima, Sani Rizki, Youssef Ezzejjari

Trainer: Widodo Cahyono Putro



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