Bunia/Basketball: continuation of the semi-final phase (results)

The semi-final phase of the local amateur basketball championship of Bunia EUBABU continued at the Kabengele youth stadium last weekend, notably in women’s and men’s versions.

Last Saturday there were two games. In the first meeting for the ladies, the BC Heroes lost on the score of 19 points against 46 in front of the BC Academy while in the second explanation for the men, it was the BC Galaxy who was disciplined 87 points to 95 by BC Onefirst.

The series continued on Sunday June 19 in the same sports facilities with two appointments as well. In the first women’s game, BC Young lost by 10 points against 21 points in front of BC CCI while in the second game for men, BC Heroes beat BC CCI from Nyakasanza district, final score 72 to 55 dots.

According to the latest information received by, for the men’s version in this phase of the semi-finals, there is only one play-off remaining to be played. It will oppose BC CCI to BC Heroes to determine the second finalist who will join BC Onefirst for the final.

It is important to point out that among the girls, the two finalists are already known. This is the BC CCI and the BC Academy who will compete in the coming days for a direct race for the trophy.

Contacted by, Herick Mboyo the president of the urban basketball agreement in Bunia, confirms that the finals of this competition will be scheduled shortly.

“For the date of the final, we have not yet proposed, we are waiting for the barrage between CCI and Heroes until next Sunday before scheduling the final matches and starting the process for the Congo Cup” he said. to know.

As a reminder, only the champion team in the men’s version will represent the province of Ituri at the Congo Basketball Cup which will be played in Kolwezi in the province of Lualaba next August.

Daniel Alithum

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