Bàsquet Girona – Movistar Estudiantes, live | ACB promotion playoff final, live today

Two cities in suspense. Two hobbies overturned. A ticket to the highest category of Spanish basketball. Bàsquet Girona and Movistar Estudiantes face each other in the Fontajau pressure cooker to find out which team will accompany Covirán Granada in the 2022-23 Endesa League. A rise of teams looking for a new dawn. A place that justifies a project on which expectations and hopes are placed. At the moment, the previous one shows that it is a vital shock, for the respectable of each side has been present since the arrival of the buses. Impossible better atmosphere in a party day for national basketball.

On one side of the ring will be Bàsquet Girona, which has a golden opportunity to give that push to the project that the Gasol brothers support. His goal is both the promotion and the long-term sustainability of the team, and going up to ACB should be essential. That yes, his end will be with a Marc Gasol that arrives between cottons. He injured his left knee in the third quarter of the match against Lleida and it is doubt. He jumped to warm up in the minutes before the final, but it remains unconfirmed if he will be 100% against the dangerous Estudiantes.

Because the college team has its dream day. After a course in hell and a regular season with ups and downs, he can return to the place that belongs to him for history and social mass. It will be a difficult undertaking, since playing at your rival’s home, in front of 5,000 spectators and in one game is a real danger, but they have reason to dream. Many of them go through the ability of the Urtasun, Beirán or Dos Anjos. Dream clash, match of 10, atmosphere to enjoy. On the board, a place in the ACB. From now on, we’ll tell you at MARCA everything that happens in Fontajau. Let’s start!



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