After the first season, Gegger will continue his career as a legionnaire in another French club

Emil Gegger Photo: Daniel Vaquero / SIPA

Latvian hockey player Emil Gegger will play in the French Premier League “Mulhouse” club next season, the unit has announced. The striker also spent last season in this league, representing the Anglet team.

Last season, the 22-year-old hockey player was the first legionnaire. He joined the unit before 2021/2022. annual seasons. In 40 main tournament games, he excelled with nine goals and 14 assists, which was the fourth best score in the team. Three (1 + 2) points for a Latvian to stay in the league in three matches.

“Gegger is a winger with good height. He performed well last season, playing in the Anglet ranks. He continues to evolve and we hope to take him to another level. The Geg has great potential and it is up to us to use it in the best possible way, ”said Kevin Heckfill, Mulhouse’s head coach.

During the previous five seasons, Ģegeris played in the Riga “Dinamo” system, also representing the Youth Hockey League (MHL) team “Riga”. In turn, 2020/2021. He played the second half of the year in the Optibet Hockey League (OHL) team Zemgale / LLU, with which he became the vice-champion of Latvia.

In 2019, Ģegeris participated in the World Championship for the only time in the Latvian national team, scoring one result per pass in seven games. During the four seasons, the striker played 153 KHL matches with 13 (6 + 7) points.



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