Moussa Diabaté selected by the Clippers in 43rd position!

Nobody expected him so high – or even expected him at all in this second round – but the most American of the French is finally in the game. Yes, Moussa Diabaté was selected in 43rd position for this Draft 2022 by the Los Angeles “Nicolas Batum” Clippers. Debrief.

For the profile of Moussa Diabaté, it is by ICI !

Ah finally, since the 11th pick that saw Ousmane Dieng fly to Oklahoma City, we had time to eat, take a micro nap, assemble an Ikea piece of furniture and start a family before a new Frenchman gets drafted. After more than two hours of waiting and a change of commissioner – Mark Tatum for Adam Silver – the bravest saw the Frenchie selected live by the Clippers in 43rd position. His very athletic post 4 profile who likes to go up to the circle to slam everything, has managed to seduce the Los Angeles franchise. In a roster where the inner sector is aging, a little new blood won’t hurt. Robert Covington will be able to show him the way to the weight room, and Marcus Morris Sr. has found someone to baby-sit on evenings when he goes out to dinner with Madame. But it’s not the French who will be against the project: a second tricolor in this draft class – four in total, we’re not spoiling you – it’s slap.

The most Rican of the French flew to the US at 14, with the aim of getting a place in the NBA and never to return to Europe. After a delicate season on the side of the Michigan Wolverines program with 9 points at 54.2% shooting and 6 rebounds on average, the Parisian decides to appear for the 2022 Draft while keeping his university eligibility. At the Combine in mid-May, the power winger’s unique physical profile was well received, so he decided to stay in the process, bidding farewell to college. Moussa Diabaté is a physical beast: with 2.7% body fat, he has the lowest percentage of the Draft 2022 vintage. The bet to stay in the Draft was risky, but tonight he paid off.

Like Terance Mann a few years earlier, we hope that Moussa can find a place in this Clippers roster, if possible with Nicolas Batum by his side so that he is not out of place.



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