The new ownership. And here are the skeptics, who pop up without knowing anything yet. Leao-Vinicius? I’m keeping Rafa!

Someone told me: “Paolo Maldini’s statements spoiled the euphoria after the Scudetto.” I’ll clarify immediately. I continue to live in the magical cloud on which I climbed at around 19.50 on Sunday 22 May. A warm and soft cloud that continues to be soft and warm. On the contrary, I celebrated the first week of “We are the champions of Italy, we are the champions” by putting new red geraniums on the balcony, right next to a large Rossoneri flag that I displayed with pride and satisfaction. Nothing and nobody can scratch my emotion for a wonderful Scudetto won with merit, good game and enthusiasm of a young group.

Meanwhile, from the field we move to the desk. Gerry Cardinale is the new owner of Milan after the signings, even if the closing of the operation will take place in a few weeks or months. Legal, bureaucratic and financial quibbles, on which I do not enter into the matter. The official communiqué has not yet come out, that the solons in a state of permanent agitation have already expressed their hypotheses, their inferences or, worse, their judgments on the new property. The same ones are back out now after expressing negative reviews on Elliott, before Singer’s fund started working. For them, the Singers would have sold the best players to finance themselves, they would not have chased sports victories. In short, only cynical passing financiers. They obviously got it all wrong.

First: the Rossoneri champions are still all in the squad, except for those who wanted to leave. Second: Milan are Italian Champions. Third: the cynical finance men have left the austere offices in New York and London to celebrate the Scudetto with the fans, happy to wave the flag on the bus of happiness. Miracles of a rolling balloon. Miracles of a Milan that wins. The doubters have already forgotten everything and, shamelessly, I am here again to criticize Gerry Cardinale who has not yet raised a sheet. Their workhorse is above all linked to the famous algorithms, with which the American sport is confronted for the strengthening of the roses, in baseball, basketball and football. In this sense, I am very calm because, whoever is in good faith, certainly knows that the algorithm is a formidable and modern collaborator in the possible first screening of the figures to be examined. Nothing more.

Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara, who I hope will be able to continue their work with profit, have already shown that they know how to choose well the players who can help improve the quality of Stefano Pioli’s group. So I wait, wait, evaluate and then judge. I hope that the first step will be the fundamental meeting with Paolo Maldini, to illustrate the philosophy of the American fund and study the strategies together. A commonality of ideas between Cardinal and the director of the sports area would be, as mentioned, the ideal starting point. On an operational level, the most welcome business card for the new ownership would be the renewal of Rafael Leao until 2027. At any cost, at all costs, even with the necessary exception on the salary roof for the squad, for a unique player on the European scene. I certainly do not forget that I was very critical of the Portuguese player, especially as regards the continuity in the short term, the ninety minutes, and the long term, game after game. Last month he instead offered football fans a glossy edition Leao, irresistible, irrepressible, determined, decisive. I repeat this adjective: unique.

I saw the Champions League final, hoping for the victory of the “wonderful” coach. Yes, by Carlo Ancelotti. My statement may sound strong, but I am entirely convinced of it. I would never trade Leao with match winner Vinicius. Great striker, no doubt, but the movements, the speed, the ease in dribbling, the inspiration, the progression seem to me superior in the Rossoneri champion. The AC Milan of the future, AC Milan who want to be competitive in Europe, AC Milan who want to be a symbol of style, class and spectacle must not ignore “breathtaking” Leao, still with many margins for progress. We then await the first changes of ownership. Elliott’s culture and philosophy are a good guarantee. Gerry Cardinale’s knowledge of sport at great levels gives confidence. Paolo Maldini’s “Milanism” is the best way to go for a great Milan future!



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