Tears at the French Open. The tennis player fluttered her racket angrily and endangered the child in the auditorium

Romanian tennis player Irina Begu caused a big bang during her match of the 2nd round of the French Open. In a duel with Russia’s Alexandrov, she became so angry that she even threw a rocket in frustration. It bounced off the clay into the crowd and endangered the fans. The little boy suffered the most from the situation, whom the player frightened so much that he cried. It did not leave the tennis player cold and she at least set out to comfort the child. In the end, she could rejoice, after a 2: 1 victory in the spider she advanced.

It is quite common for tennis players to throw rackets angrily. However, the fact that they threaten the fans is no longer so common. And that is exactly what happened in the 2nd round of the French Open to the Romanian Irina Begu, who faced the Russian Alexandrov.

In the third, decisive set, although Begu led 2-0, she still became angry and flicked her racket to the ground in frustration. However, it bounced off the clay surface towards the auditorium and caused a proper glade.

Her outburst frightened the little boy sitting in the front rows. The Romanian outpour and the thrown rocket startled him a lot, and he even started crying. Once the 63rd player in the world realized what she had done, she hurried to the child to comfort him.

The match was even interrupted for five minutes so that the tournament representatives could consult with the referee what to do about the situation. In the end, they decided not to punish the tennis player. Begu could be glad that the incident did not disqualify her. She defeated Russia 2: 1 in sets and advanced.

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