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  Original title: The Chinese team in the Tang Cup lost 2:3 to Denmark and the second group advanced to the quarter-finals

On the evening of the 11th local time, the final group match of the Thomas Cup of the World Men’s Badminton Team Championship was held in Thailand. The Chinese men’s team, with young teenagers as the main force, fought with the Danish team for 6 hours, and finally lost 2:3 to their opponents. In the group stage, the Chinese team won two wins and one loss, and advanced to the quarter-finals with the second place in the group.

The Chinese men’s team has won the Thomas Cup 10 times in history. However, in the last cup competition, the Chinese team, which was also the main force of the new generation of athletes, lost 0:3 to the Indonesian team in the final and failed to successfully defend the Thomas Cup. champion. The absence of famous players such as Chen Long and Shi Yuqi in this tournament has affected the overall strength of the Chinese men’s team to a certain extent.

In the first two games of the group stage, China defeated France and Algeria 5-0. In the last game, they played against the Danish team, which also achieved a winning streak, and competed for the first place in the group.

The Danish team is led by Tokyo Olympic champion Axelsen. The first matchup was between Ansailong and Chinese teenager Lu Guangzu. In the first round, Lu Guangzu had a ferocious offensive and resisted the opponent’s many counterattacks. He took the lead at 21:17. In the second round, Ansailong’s state improved and he regained a round at 21:10. In the decisive game, Lu Guangzu still failed to reverse the situation. With more mistakes, Axelsen won 21:9, and thus won with a 2:1 reversal.

This is the first time the Chinese team has dropped points since the start of the Thomas Cup. After the game, Lu Guangzu said that he had always wanted to attack his opponent, he wanted to show his momentum, and he was well prepared, but he was very uncomfortable after being suppressed by his opponent, and he did not find a good way to deal with it.

In the second doubles match, the newly paired Liu Yuchen/Ou Xuanyi defeated the Danish pair Astrup/Christiansen in two consecutive games with 21:16 and 21:11, helping the Chinese team to tie the score.

In the third singles match, Chinese teenager Li Shifeng played against another Danish player, Antonsen, who is now ranked third in the world. In the case of losing a game at 15:21, Li Shifeng won two consecutive games at 21:19 and 21:13, and the Chinese team overtook the Chinese team 2:1. Li Shifeng said after the game that he played against Antonsen for the first time and did not consider too many past records, but only tried to play the best level and challenge his opponents.

In the fourth doubles match, the Chinese team He Jiting/Zhou Haodong lost to Rasmussen/Segao by 16:21 and 17:21; in the fifth singles, Weng Hongyang suffered a reversal by Wittinghus in the next game, which is a pity Lost, the scores of the three games were 21:16, 19:21, 18:21. In the end, the Chinese team lost to the Danish team with a total score of 2:3, ranking second in the group and advancing to the quarter-finals.

According to the lottery, the first opponent of the Chinese men’s team in the knockout stage was the Indonesian team. The Chinese team met the Indonesian team in the final in the last cup, but unfortunately lost in the end. It is worth mentioning that the first opponent of the Chinese women’s team in the Uber Cup knockout is also the Indonesian team.



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