Jersson González concern about decompensation at the end of the match | Colombian Soccer | bet play cup

Jersson González concern about decompensation at the end of the match |  Colombian Soccer |  bet play cup

A huge scare occurred in the final minutes of the match between Independiente Santa Fe vs Junior de Barranquilla in search of the pass to the quarterfinals of the BetPlay Cup. Jersson González entered for Fernando Coniglio in the complement as an offensive card to break the zeros in the Cardinals’ attack.

His performance was short at the Nemesio Camacho El Campín Stadium due to misfortune. About 85 minutes into the game, Jersson González apparently lost consciousness on the pitch. He had to be replaced by Jonathan Herrera, and, in addition, the players of Junior de Barranquilla and Independiente Santa Fe urgently requested medical assistance.

The game was stopped for a long stretch while the doctors analyzed the situation where they proceeded to check the player’s state of health without knowing the cause of Jersson González’s decompensation. It is worth remembering that these cases have already been seen lately with Christian Eriksen and Sergio el ‘Kun’ Agüero, the latter, who had to retire from football.

With no major reason to throw himself to the ground, Jersson González set off the alarms of the fans, and teammates on the field of play who were left with uncertainty regarding the state of health of the Independiente Santa Fe youth squad. The only thing that is known is that the player He showed chest pains while being carried on a stretcher directly to the ambulance.

Thus, Jersson González was transferred to the Marly Clinic for the corresponding medical procedures. However, it has been known that the player is improving in his condition and his state of health is evolving in a very good way. This according to information from Gol Caracol, as a close friend of the player maintained that they are awaiting studies and finding the cause of the decompensation.


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