Rueda celebrates the promotion of Pontevedra CF to the RFEF First Division

The president of the Xunta, Alfonso Rueda, ctoday celebrated the rise of Pontevedra CF to the RFEF First Division and highlighted his contribution to the prestige of Galician football.

“This morning I receive with pride and passion to my city team after the effort what did you do. Congratulations to the players, the coaching staff, the board, members of the club and the president, Lupe Murillo, for this deserved promotion, for your professionalism and for believing in the effort“, he said, emphasizing the illusion that the team spread to all of Pontevedra and, consequently, to all of Galicia.

Alfonso Rueda receives the players, technical team and management of Pontevedra CF in the Pazo de Raxoi. Photo: Board

During the meeting with the team, Rueda also had a few words of remembrance for Lugo B, who was promoted to Second Division, as well as for others who also have the possibility of promoting, as is the case with Coruxo, Ourense Football Club, Deportivo, Celta B and Racing de Ferrol.

“El f .”Galician soccer is in fashion and we have to keep dreaming to face the challenges that come” he affirmed, convinced that there are still many joys to be received in this sport. In this regard, he assured that the Xunta will be very attentive to all the achievements of the Galician teams that are always fighting to do a little better.



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