Softball, Rovigo and Longbridge share the stakes

baseball softball club rovigo

ROVIGO – Good draw for the Baseball Softball Club Rovigo in the last round of the Serie A2 softball championship. On Saturday the rossoblù hosted the Longbridge, a satellite formation of the Pianoro which for the occasion presented itself in Polesine with some players of the Serie A1 team from Bologna.

The guests won race one with a score of 9-5 taking advantage of a better start and above all more effective offensive combinations. Under 6-2 already in the third inning (rossoblù points in the first round with Bernardi and Avanzi), the Polesane then attempted the comeback finding in the final the winning races of Silvoni and Amato, in the fifth, and Zielinska in the seventh but, despite the good performance by Bernardi on the platform, the Bolognese managed to keep their distance and win the dispute.

The rossoblù replica, however, was not long in coming and in game two a nice 6-2 victory came. Excellent performance from the pitcher Sovak, who only conceded something to her opponents in the third inning. The decisive points from Rovigo came, however, to the fifth with Avanzi, Sovak, Begu and Amato, then to the fifth again with Avanzi and to the sixth with Luna Tagliazucca. The tie allows the rodigo to move the ranking in Group B of Serie A2, which now sees them stationed in fourth place.

From the nursery.

Excellent also the weekend of the Under of theAdriatic LNG Baseball Softball Club Rovigo. The Cadets of the Serie C in baseball took a nice victory by overcoming the Carpi with a score of 6-4 on their home diamond in via Vittorio Veneto. Victory within the friendly walls also for the Under 18 baseball team, who ruled the Thunders & Dragons of Castelfranco Veneto with a 20-0 pyrotechnic on the fifth day of the championship.

The Under 15’s success on San Martino Buon Albergo is closer: 5-3 the score in favor of the young Polesans. Good performance also for the Under 12 team who held up against the equal age of Castelfranco Veneto for four innings, but suffered the two points in the final that set the score at 4-6 for the guests. As for softball, a nice 9-4 away win for the Under 18 girls against Bussolengo.



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