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INVESTIGATION – A laboratory in Rennes analyzes the gestures of players to improve their performance and prevent injuries.

In the gigantic campus of Ker Lann, in Bruz, an ocean of greenery located 10 kilometers from Rennes, is nestled, within the University of Rennes 2, a sports science laboratory unique in France. The M2S (Movement, Sport, Health) has taken refuge in the premises of the École Normale Supérieure (ENS). In search of the gesture – in this case the service – ideal. Its objective is simple: to determine a scientific answer in order to allow players to improve without risking injury.

In modern tennis, the serve is more than ever a lethal weapon. And this blow so important can be traumatic. If second-series club players have already tested the device, this Rennes lab is above all intended for professionals or high-level juniors aspiring to become one. And, if some coaches are still skeptical or still prefer to work with the eye of the horse dealer, many coaches and players of the new generation, very data-savvy, have demonstrated…

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