Loquito García, former Atlas, from touching glory to being an alcoholic

Juan Pablo “Loquito” Garcia He knows what he’s talking about. The former of Atlas touched the glory as a footballer, but life itself was in charge of giving him strong blows that made him get out of that bubble in which the player lives, according to the man born in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Eight years after his retirement, the Talk to He has no qualms about telling how hard and pleasant life has been with him, since gave him the opportunity to be a professional footballerearn millions, buy houses, land and even start a construction company, but at the same time see how all this vanished.

The footballer earns a lot of money, amounts that you do not dimension todaythere are millions that you earn, it is five or six million that you earn well; those millions were made of waterthey are lost because of my incapacities, because I don’t know what to do with so much money. Every time I raised money, I bought land, a house, I had about 30 million pesos in houses and land“, begins to recount Garcia in talk with TV Azteca Jalisco.

The former striker recognizes that as a footballer you lose the floorbut life takes care of putting things in their place, a situation that he learned after spending a few years bankrupt and even falling into alcoholism.

When you are a footballer, you are not grateful, you are in a bubble.ja de egOof vanity, of homage, that I am Don Chingón, cetcwhen life lands you and you arrive with people like that (masons), who are human beings, they make you see fascinating things. You come to understand that they are kind people, very hard-working.”

I entered the fall of drinking a bottle of tequila daily, it was depression, sadness, weakness, guiltwhy me, self-sabotage, blackmail… it got to the point where my wife told me: ‘if you are going to continue like this, there it was’. There I dropped the twenty and I found another healing, another wound, and had to work at Alcoholics Anonymous.“recalled the footballer.

what you lost

John Paul Garcia remember that in his time as a player bought a house for six million pesos in the United Statesthrough a “countryman” who pretended to help him, but in the end he was scammed and lost his assets; later, he put his construction company with his sistera, with whom he had differences, so received a payment of one and a half million pesos as payment for his part, money that he squandered.


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