‘Accelerate You’ side “Sports romance + office work … will elicit sympathy for working people”

(Export News Intern reporter Kim Soo-jung) The production team of ‘Accelerate You’ gave a special point of observation.

KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘The speed that goes to you 493km’ (hereafter, ‘You Acceleration’), which will be broadcasted for the first time on April 20, is a lively twenty-five, sports-oriented Park Tae-yang (Park Joo-hyun) and an athletic professional Park Tae-joon (Chae Jong-hyeop). It is a hot sports romance in the badminton business team.

‘Accelerate You’ is special in that it is set against a business team that has not been used as the main stage in sports dramas in the past.

Unemployment teams are sports organizations run by public institutions or companies, and players belonging to the unemployment teams become employees of the company. While ordinary sports dramas mainly deal with the fighting spirit of athletes, ‘Accelerate You’ illuminates the lives of athletes as office workers.

As with most office workers, the badminton players of ‘Your Accel’ work only for their salaries. For them, work is badminton. They don’t even have to suffer injuries for the sake of scoring or winning. This is because they have to preserve their bodies and earn money by staying in the company, that is, the unemployment team, for a long time.

No matter what dreams you dreamed of when you were young and the career path you set for yourself, the lives of the characters in ‘Accelerate You’, who are now just salaried workers, are expected to resonate with many viewers who have lived similar lives.

Among them, it is expected to provide a wealth of fun by focusing on the business team ‘Eunice’ and illuminating the aspects of the various players belonging to the team. From star players who are currently playing for the national team, to later candidates, or to players who have never been to the national team, people with various skills and experiences will gather in one business team to tell a variety of stories.

In this regard, the production team of ‘Accelerate You’ said, “Our drama is a sports romance and office work. It is expected that the lives of badminton players as office workers, which were not known until now, will resonate with viewers.”

He continued, “I hope you will wait for the main broadcast of ‘You Accelerate’, which will deliver joy and comfort to viewers by dealing with the lives of badminton players as ordinary office workers.”

Meanwhile, ‘The Speed ​​To You’ will be broadcast for the first time at 9:50 PM on April 20th.

Photo = Blitzway Studio

Reporter Kim Soo-jung [email protected]


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