The records that Messi can break in the World Cup in Qatar

La Pulga, captain of the Argentine National Team, can achieve eight historical marks in the next World Cup.

Qatar is just around the corner and the Scaloneta he knows. After closing some excellent South American Qualifiers, lto Argentina National Team focuses on tomorrow’s draw, live from 1:00 p.m. In that line, in the afternoon of TyC Sportscounted the different records that Lionel Messi could break in the next World Cup.

The youngest footballer to play in 5 World Cups

With 35 years (he will be on June 24) the Flea will become the youngest player to play five World Cups. He will leave behind Gianluigi Buffon, Antonio Carbajal, Cristano Ronaldo, Lothar Matthäus and Rafa Márquez.

Messi streak

Argentine player with the most World Cups

El Diez, captain of the Argentine National Team, will become the Albiceleste footballer with the most World Cups to his credit, with five disputed. he surpassed Diego Maradona and Javier Mascherano.

Messi streak

Argentinian player with more appearances

The Flea could equal or surpass Maradona as the player who played the most games in World Cups. Messi accumulates 19 and above that he has Mascherano (20 games) and Diego (21 appearances).

Messi streak

Most games as captain

In addition, another of the many streaks that the PSG star could overcome is to become the footballer with the most matches as captain in history. So far, Lionel Messi accumulates 12.

Messi streak

The records that Messi can break in the next World Cup


The records that Messi can break in the next World Cup

historical scorer

One of the most difficult? Maybe. But for Messi there are no impossible: to mark 10 goals (or more), the Flea will surpass Miroslav Klose as the top scorer in the World Cups.

Messi streak

Argentina’s all-time top scorer

The captain and emblem of the Scaloneta is so lonely 4 goals to become the top scorer for the National Team in World Cups. Gabriel Batistuta, with 10 cries, leads the table.

Messi streak

Player with the most appearances

In the history of the World Cups, Lothar Matthäus He is the one who played the most matches with 25. Messiif he plays 6 games, he will be able to match him in that streak.

Messi streak

Footballer with the most minutes played

Paolo Maldiniemblem of the Italian National Team, is the leader with 2217′. The Flea accumulates 1624.

Messi streak

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