Jr. Boleslav – Trinec 3: 4 PP, Trinec turned in Boleslav and is one step away from the final

The mid-Czechs had a great start, with Kelemen opening the score after 102 seconds of play, who promptly arrived at Lunter’s goal. The Slovak striker scored his eighth goal in the playoffs and after 189 minutes and 3 seconds he ended the goal of Kacetl. The steelworkers only lost for the second time in the elimination section.

The people of Třinec, who lacked a distant elite forward Růžička, were subsequently more active in shooting. However, Krošelj liquidated Marcink’s chance in the 5th minute, he also managed to reach Dan’s goal after Chmielew’s attempt. The home team showed more prominence in the offensive zone only at the end of the first period, but they were unable to add a second goal.

Photo: Radek Petrášek, ČTK

From left, Mladá Boleslav goalkeeper Gašper Krošelj intervenes against Tomáš Marcink from Třinec, Martin Ševc from Mladá Boleslav defends.Photo: Radek PetrášekČTK

At the beginning of the second part, the skaters did not use the first power play, but in the 28th minute they managed to increase to 2: 0. Bičevskis overcame Kacetl with a shot hidden behind the defending Dan and Mazanec stood in the Třinec goal. Coach Varaďa decided to withdraw Kacetl, who had kept his account clean three times in the playoffs, from the game.

The Silesians created overwhelming pressure in some places, but the locals also defended themselves thanks to the attentive Krošelj and did not collect in the second period. After 13 seconds of the third part, the home Ševc was eliminated and Třinec reduced in a power play thanks to the Crow. Mladá Boleslav managed to get a two-goal lead back in the 49th minute. Biting skated Marinčina, passed in front of the goal and Flynn overcame Mazance.

In the end, however, the guests managed to dramatize and balance the match. In addition, Najman was eliminated by the goalkeeper and Hrňa was reduced to 2: 3. His goal had to be confirmed by the video referee, because Krošelj caught the shot with a catch, but only behind the goal line. 17 seconds later, during the continuing power play of Douder’s throw, Crow ran and leveled. As in the quarterfinals against Hradec Králové, the Central Europeans lost their victory at the end of the regular season.

Unlike Mountfield, however, the skaters did not make the match to a victorious end. At 60:23, Ševc was eliminated and Hrňa decided in a power play.

Hockey Extra League Playoff Semifinals – Match 3:
BK Mlada Boleslav – HC Ocelari Trinec 3: 4 v prodl. (1: 0, 1: 0, 1: 3 – 0: 1)
Goals and recordings: 2. Kelemen (Lunter), 28. Bičevskis (Flynn, Lintuniemi), 49. Flynn (P. Kousal) – 42. P. Vrána (Svačina, M. Doudera), 59. Hrňa (Marcinko, Kudrátek) , 59 P. Vrána (M. Doudera, Nestrašil), 62. Hrňa (M. Doudera). Judges: Pešina, Hradil – Hynek, Zíka. Exclusion: 3: 1. Utilization: 0: 3. Attendance: 4200 (sold out). The score is now 0: 3.
Mladá Boleslav: Krošelj – Ševc, Pýcha, Pláněk, Jánošík, Fillman, Lintuniemi – D. Šťastný, Bičevskis, Kotala – P. Kousal, O. Najman, Flynn – Kelemen, Fořt, Lunter – J. Stránský, T. Knotek, Eberle . Coach: Rulík.
Třinec: Kacetl (28. Mazanec) – Marinčin, M. Doudera, Kundrátek, D. Musil, Adámek, M. Zbořil, Zahradníček – Chmielewski, P. Vrána, Daňo – O. Kovařčík, M. Kovařčík, Nestrašil – Hrňa, Marcinko , Snack – Dravecký, M. Roman, Hrehorčák. Coach: Varaďa.


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