confesses that he drinks “lemon gin” and where he does not feel like a tennis player

Carlos Alcaraz is already the new phenomenon of Spanish sport. During his visit to ‘El Hormiguero 3.0’, the tennis player spoke with Pablo Motos about his emergence in the elite and about this season in particular, with brilliant participation in important tournaments.

Being already number eleven in the ATP ranking, it is a merit that he has achieved when he was only eighteen years old. For this reason, the presenter wanted to know what the young man behind the racket is like, the most personal side of him. Have you missed things from his adolescence? The tennis player has recognized that he has not been able to go out “so much partying” with his friends but has assured that it is the only thing.

“What’s more, when I go to my town, I forget that I’m a tennis player,” he assured. However, he has confessed that he has gotten drunk on occasion and, when he drinks, he chooses “lemon gin”.

In addition, he has explained what his real goal was this year, and it was not related to tennis. He wanted to get his driver’s license. “He came out better than he thought, he didn’t give a damn for me,” she joked.

Discover in the video the most personal side of Carlos Alcaraz!

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