Budějovice – Litvínov 1: 6, The engine burned down, Verva reigned supreme and weighed three points

The guests started actively and were soon rewarded with a leading goal. At the beginning of the third minute, Zdráhal did not mature on Strmen from the penalty shootout, but in another four-to-four game, the three home hockey players unhappily headed for the blue line to the only opponent whose pass found a free Sukel and the Slovak striker beat the České Budějovice goalkeeper.

The home defender Šenkeřík showed a nice action in the 14th minute, who broke through with the disc to the Litvínov goal area, but his backhand ending was caught by Godla. The second goal of the North Bohemians was given up close by Svoboda, who was not guarded by Bučko. The home team lowered in the power play at the same time as the first siren, Šenkeřík’s shot from the blue line was consecrated by the judges after watching the video.

At the start of the second period, the guests endangered Strmen’s goalkeeper twice in their own weakness. The home team did not succeed in the power play, but even after its end and they paid again for inconsistency. Kudrna, who was alone in the offensive blue, waited for the pass and ended the individual action with a successful shot into the upper left corner of the Budweis goal.

Hanzl and visitors Zygmunt created promising opportunities in the future, after which the North Bohemians overcame Strmeně after a quick action from the left side, but the referees did not recognize a goal based on the video, as the disc did not penetrate most of the volume behind the goal line. Six seconds before the expiration of Valský’s penalty, however, Straka raised, who was facilitated by the role of non-emphasis defending players.

From the 41st minute, junior Maleček took the place of his extra-league premiere, and he quickly scored several successful interventions. However, he did not reach the end of Zdráhal at the right pole after the Litvínov renumbering of three to two. However, he soon distinguished himself by stopping Estephan’s solo raid.

Photo: Václav Pancer, ČTK

From left, Jan Strejček from Litvínov and Jindřich Abdul from České Budějovice.Photo: Vaclav PancerČTK

In the growing emotions between the opponents, a battle broke out in the left corner behind Godly’s goal. Home Štich placed Estephan on the shoulders and went to the cabin prematurely. In the subsequent weakening, the South Bohemians collected for the sixth time, Stříteský scored from the left circle.

In the end, Motor also suffered a five-minute power play in Zygmunt’s penalty, but he had a good chance of weakening Litvínov – Sukel hit the upper connecting rod behind Maleček’s back.

56th round of hockey extra league:
Motor Ceske Budejovice – HC Verva Litvinov 1: 6 (1: 2, 0: 2, 0: 2)
Goals and recordings: 20. Šenkeřík (Pech, Abdul) – 4. Sukeľ (Demel), 17. P. Svoboda (Irving, Gerhát), 24. Kudrna (P. Zdráhal), 40. P. Straka (P. Zdráhal, Estephan), 47. P. Zdráhal (P. Svoboda, Estephan), 50. Stříteský (Jarůšek, V. Hübl). Judges: Pešina, Mrkva – Ondráček, Zíka. Exclusion: 6: 6, in addition Štich – Zygmunt both 5 min. and until the end of the match. Utilization: 1: 2. Attendance: 3435.
České Budějovice: Strmeň (41. Maleček) – Piskáček, Percy, Bučko, Šenkeřík, Vráblík, Štencel, Štich – Karabáček, M. Hanzl, M. Beránek – Vondrka, Pech, Holec – Valský, Koláček, Ondráček – D. Voženílek, J. Novotny, Abdul. Coach: Blue.
Litvínov: Godla – Irving, Balinskis, Stříteský, Demel, Strejček, Hrbas, D. Zeman – P. Zdráhal, Estephan, Kudrna – Jarůšek, Sukeľ, P. Straka – Fronk, Gerhát, P. Svoboda – Havelka, V. Hübl, Zygmunt. Coach: V. Růžička.


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