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The TGB must rebound in the section

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The TGB moves to Angers this Sunday at 4 p.m. for a place in the quarterfinals of the Coupe de France.

Qualified in the round of 16 of the Eurocoupe (see below) despite a severe defeat at Villeneuve-d’Ascq on Wednesday evening, the Tarbes-Gespe-Bigorre will travel on Sunday afternoon to the Angers floor, to play an 8th of the Coupe de France (Joe-Jaunay Trophy).

Last of LFB, the Tarbaises must put their heads back to the place and bounce back, before a shock at the bottom of the table next weekend in Hainaut. And what better than the Coupe de France to try to bounce back? And this even if the promoted Angevines – who are they in the top quartet in the Women’s League and remain on two successes in a row against Roche Vendée and Charleville – act as favorites in this meeting.

Beware of the remorada

Especially in the league, and while the daughters of Francisco Pinto had dominated the match until the last three minutes, Peterson and the UFAB had returned to the match, pushing Trabes to extra time before winning in this extra- time (81-76).

Tomorrow, therefore, the TGB will have to work for 40 minutes, just to get a place in the quarter-cup of France, but especially to find the way to victory, before a trip to Hainaut which will be expensive, as part of the championship.

UFAB 49 : 1. A. Peterson ; 7. N. Fofana ; 8. J. Bailey ; 9. I. Arrondo ; 10. A. Dreano-Trecant ; 12. J. Cornelie ; 16. I. Slonjsak ; 18. K. Elenga ; 22. O. Chidom ; 24. T. Gandega.
TGB: 0. R. Brezinova ; 2. J. Wojta ; 5. M. Pardon ; 7. C. Samson ; 8. A. Mitrasinovic ; 12. J. Pospescu ; 15. A. Tadic ; 16. Y. Ewodo ; 19. C. Martin ; 23. O. Diarisso.

Eurocup (Play-offs): The TGb against the Poles of Lublin

The Violets are now fixed as to what will happen next for them in the second continental competition. TGB will have a double confrontation this month (December 15-December 22) against Lublin, with a first leg in Poland. The Slavs have a worse record than Tarbes (3 wins, 3 losses; against 5 wins, 1 loss) during the group stages, which is why the Pyrenees will have the advantage of receiving during the return match. six French teams entered in the Eurocoup succeeded in qualifying for the play-offs (32 teams).Other posters about LFB clubsLondon Lions (England) – BourgesTenerife (Spain) – Villeneuve-d’AscqLublin (Poland) – TarbesNyka Syktyvkar (Russia) – Roche VendéeCharleville-Mézières – Estudiantes (Spain) Hatayspor (Turkey) – Lyon-Asvel

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