The Cowboys could have a very dangerous defensive line from

One of the Cowboys lines that has been hit the hardest by casualties this season has been the defensive line. Throughout the campaign, the cowboy team has not been able to fully count on what was projected as the starting line. And while Dallas has managed to cope, expectations are now growing with the return of several players.

In fact, on Thursday night we already witnessed one of the most anticipated returns: that of DeMarcus Lawrence. Against the Saints, the defensive end was expected to be a bit rusty. Recall that DLaw suffered a broken foot in pregame practice in week 2, which has kept him out since then.

However, “Tank” made his comeback, and he did so from the Saints’ first offensive drive. At second and 12, Lawrence stopped running back Mark Ingram, limiting him to just 2 yards. Right after, on the third down, he teamed up with safety Jayron Kearse to stop fellow Ty Montgomery. This led to a 6-yard tackle for loss, ending New Orleans’ offensive series.

That was just the beginning. Though he only played 37 of Dallas’ 70 defensive snaps in the game (53% overall), Lawrence was key as a pass-rusher and in running defense. The defensive end finished the game by recording two combined tackles, two passes defended and a hit to the quarterback. Even, “Tank” produced a fumble from quarterback Taysom Hill and that had ended in recovery from Dallas. However, officials reviewed the play and marked it as an incomplete pass.

Either way, that DeMarcus Lawrence is back and playing at a great level is good news for the Cowboys defense. And, as we mentioned, it may not be the only one for the games to come.

Gallimore and Gregory could return in week 14

Another of the most anticipated returns is that of Neville Gallimore. The defensive tackle, who is in his second year at Dallas, was aiming to start the season. However, he has been out since the preseason due to an elbow injury. Now, Gallimore was recently designated to return from injured reserve, and it is expected that he can return for the week 14 game against Washington Football Team.

This is how Jerry Jones, owner and general manager of the Cowboys, let it be seen. During a radio interview this Friday on 105.3 The Fan, Jones indicated that there is a “good chance” that Gallimore could finally make his debut this season against Washington. Likewise, he indicated that defensive end Randy Gregory could also return to action in that meeting.

Recall that Gregory suffered a calf injury in pregame practice in Week 10, and has been out since. In fact, he was expected to be able to play the Saints last Thursday, but the injury apparently required a bit more recovery time.

If Randy Gregory returns to Washington, Dallas’ defensive line will be truly dangerous. This season, the defensive end has recorded five sacks, 12 quarterbacks, 10 combined tackles, three tackles for loss of yards, two forced fumbles and one fumble recovered. With Gregory and Lawrence together, there is no question that the Cowboys will be a danger stalking opposing quarterbacks.

Of course, we can’t forget about Micah Parsons. True, with Lawrence and Gregory back, the rookie would return to linebacker. However, defensive coordinator Dan Quinn may appeal to Parsons’ versatility by using him as a designated pass rusher or outside linebacker. And it should.

Let’s remember that Parsons is having a really impressive season. So far, Penn State’s product has left these records: 10 sacks, 25 quarterbacks, 72 combined tackles, 16 tackles for loss of yards, two passes defended and two force fumble. With these numbers, Quinn will likely continue to count on Parsons to stop opposing quarterbacks.

Nor can we ignore Trysten Hill, who will return after a game suspension for assaulting a Raiders player in Week 12. After recovering from his ligament injury, the defensive tackle has performed well, especially on defense. land. For this reason, and despite his suspension, Dan Quinn may decide to have him as a starter.

What can we expect from the defensive line in the coming weeks?

With these returns, the Cowboys’ starting defensive line could count on DeMarcus Lawrence and Randy Gregory as defensive ends, and Neville Gallimore and Trysten Hill as tackles. Additionally, Micah Parsons could act as designated pass-rusher. This, on paper, would make the Dallas defense front very dangerous.

Of course, we cannot ignore those who could be part of the defensive line rotation: Tarell Basham, Dorance Armstrong, Carlos Watkins, rookies Osa Odighizuwa and Chauncey Golston, among others. All of them have managed to stand out to a greater or lesser extent during the season.

There is no doubt that the Cowboys’ defensive line will be more than armored for the final stretch of the regular season. The first test will be against Washington, in week 14. This, of course, if Neville Gallimore and Randy Gregory finally return. If everyone performs at the expected level, the Cowboys defense will have the ability to sustain the team. This, at least, while the offense led by Dak Prescott regains its regularity.


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