The NBA has set a deadline for players to give themselves their booster dose against COVID-19: what will happen to those who do not receive it

The NBA ruled that all its workers must receive a booster dose against the coronavirus (REUTERS / Brendan McDermid)

The NBA has been very rigorous about the need to vaccinate against the COVID-19 to players, members of technical bodies, referees and workers of the teams that make up the league. Just a month ago, the competition authorities reported that everyone involved in the contest had to receive a booster dose and, in the last hours, the deadline in which this requirement must be met was established. Otherwise, they will be under a protocol similar to that of people who have decided not to receive the injection.

As reported by the specialized media The Athletic, the next December 17 It will be the deadline for all workers in the world’s largest basketball league to receive the booster dose. Those who cannot reliably demonstrate having complied with the requirement, They will face a strict protocol and will be tested again on a daily basis.

There is a special urgency with those who have received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which consists of a single dose. In that case, they will have to be combined with an injection from Pfizer or Moderna. As long as those who have a complete scheme from Pifizer and Moderna, they will be able to receive a booster from any available brand. These recommendations were made by the NBA’s team of public health and infectious disease experts.

This new measure is known within the framework of a convulsed week for the NBA after the COVID-19 protocols were in the eye of the storm as a result of the false positive that it went through Lebron James, which forced him to be low in the match that Los angeles lakers they disputed before Sacramento Kings. “I think this was handled very poorly.”said the world basketball superstar after the episode that he had to live.

LeBron James suffered a false positive for coronavirus and had to be isolated (EFE / EPA / ETIENNE LAURENT)
LeBron James suffered a false positive for coronavirus and had to be isolated (EFE / EPA / ETIENNE LAURENT)

James said Friday that this false positive incident made him feel “confused, frustrated and angry.” Asked about what exactly made him angry about how they handled his tests, he detailed his criticisms: “My first test came back negative and then my second test came back positive. Normally, when you have a positive test, they do another test immediately to make sure. But there was no test right after my positive: they sent me straight to isolation. That’s the part that makes me mad.

The Lakers player – who made public in September that he had been vaccinated against the coronavirus – clarified that the NBA has done “a great job” to combat the pandemic, but He considered that in Sacramento and in his particular case, things were done “a little differently” from what the protocol dictates.

From the league they have informed the teams that they have registered 34 cases in which a fully vaccinated player, coach or staff member had an infection. They have also specified that the 97% of players are fully vaccinated, being Kyrie Irving Brooklyn Nets is the most iconic figure among the exceptions.


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