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The whole world talks about the controversial goal with which Union Magdalena beat 1-2 a Llaneros in Villavicencio and obtained his promotion to the first division of Colombian soccer.

The Samarian team won with two goals in spare time, the second of them, achieved by Jonathan Segura in the midst of the passivity of the local team’s defense, who stood still watching their rivals play.

What happened at the Bello Horizonte stadium became a world scandal, in which even President Iván Duque asked to investigate the fact.

What can happen to that match? Can it be repeated? The regulation does not contemplate this option.

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However, the Colombian soccer regulations provide sanctions in the event of a match fixing.

In the last hours statements were made of the Llaneros player in which he hints that there may have been irregular acts. “Sooner or later everything comes to light,” said player Manuel González.

In addition, the version of a possible agreement between players from Llaneros and Unión emerged to affect Fortaleza, in retaliation for previous arbitration decisions in matches against Bogotá. Also, they shared a hotel, which is unusual.

What does the Federation Disciplinary Code say?

Article 93 of Unique Disciplinary Code from Colombian Football Federation talks about the predetermination of the result:

“The manager, technical staff, administrative official of a club, municipal or departmental team and in general the official or match official who by any means offers or receives a reward to obtain a determined result in a match, will be sanctioned with suspension to exercise all type of sports and administrative activities related to soccer from two (2) to five (5) years and a fine of thirty (30) to one hundred fifty (150) legal monthly minimum wages in force at the time of the commission of the offense. ” That could be the penalty for those responsible.

But can the result change? According to the second paragraph of the same article, yes: “If in the opinion of the authority or disciplinary commission as a consequence of the acceptance of the offer, the competitive activity of the club, municipal or departmental selection could have an impact on the result of the meeting, it will also be imposed the penalty of defeat by withdrawal or resignation “. That is, give the game won to Llaneros 3-0, which would automatically promote him to Strength.

(What’s more: Dimayor does not rule out suspending the promotion of Unión Magdalena for the moment)

There could also be a punishment for corruption

There would be an additional punishment in case it is proven that, to determine the result, there has been some payment. Article 99 of the Code speaks of corruption:

“Whoever offers, promises or grants to an organ or member of FCF, its divisions, leagues, clubs, match official, player or any official in general, benefits
Illegitimate for your person or third parties in order to induce them to violate the statutes or regulations of FCF, its divisions, its affiliates or their affiliates, the confederation or FIFA, you will be sanctioned with:

a) Fine in the amount of thirty (30) to sixty (60) monthly legal minimum wages
in force at the time of the commission of the offense.

b) Disqualification from exercising any activity related to soccer for at least two (2) years.

c) Prohibition of access to stadiums.

Passive bribery (request, be promised or accept that kind of gifts or benefits), will entail identical sanctions to those provided in the previous point “.

There is a recent precedent on this article. In 2018, Francisco Navas, then a Deportes Quindío player, was sanctioned with a two-year suspension and a fine of more than 22 million pesos for this cause.




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