Schick breaks records and chases Koller and Baroš. Where does the goal machine stop?

It’s a cylinder. The Czech national team member Patrik Schick rolls through the Bundesliga like an unstoppable machine and shoots one goal after another. The last time he helped Leverkusen draw a draw with Hoffenheim, he hit the sharpshooter Lewandowski in the table of the best snipers. He is even inclined to overcome two Czech offensive legends, Milan Baroš and Jan Koller. They were able to score over twenty goals in their European leagues.

Bayer has already torn down historical charts when he became the club’s most successful scorer in the first half of the season. In this year’s Bundesliga, striker Patrik Schick has already scored sixteen goals and surpassed Ulf Kirsten’s current club record, which he scored fourteen times in the same period.

However, the national team does not stop and intends to break further targets. He is already looking for goal performances of two Czech legends, which were among the best snipers in various European leagues.

In the 1998/1999 season, Jan Koller scored twenty-four league goals in the Lokeren jersey and became the best scorer in the Belgian league. He also did great in the colors of Anderlecht. In the 1999/2000 competition year, he scored twenty goals in the statistics, and the season later even scored two more goals.

He had the same number of interventions as Schick in the Bundesliga in 2003/2004. But as many as Schick scored in the fall, Koller had the same for the entire 2003/2004 season. After that, he could be proud of sixteen goals. Milan Baroš followed Koller’s excellent performances abroad. Although he never scored over ten goals in the English Premier League, he still did more than well in one of the best competitions in the world. He scored nine goals in 27 games in the 2003/2004 season.

He recorded the same number of hits in the year when Liverpool triumphed in the Champions League. He only showed his shooting skills in the Turkish Süper Lig. After 31 duels of the 2008/2009 season, he had twenty hits and became the most successful sharpshooter in the competition.

It seems that Schick could overcome both. He had been successful in Sampdoria before. Four years ago, he finished the season with eleven goals, and then scored ten goals in twenty-two matches in Leipzig. He scored only nine times last year, but this year he replaces everything.

Schick excelled again, two goals were not enough to win Leverkusen

Schick excelled again, two goals were not enough to win Leverkusen

Although his injuries stopped him in the autumn and he played only 13 matches, he still managed to collect 16 accurate hits. He almost rose to the top of the table of shooters thanks to four goals in the net of the last Fürth. He twice asserted himself against Frankfurt, Bielefeld and Hoffenheim. He scored the rest of the goals after one hit per match.

From the point of view of the top five European leagues, Schick has already matched Koller’s performances in Dortmund and beat Baroš. Overall, both are already chasing in terms of all European competitions. And fans are guessing at what number the incredible goal machine will stop this year.

Leverkusen drew Hoffenheim in the 16th round of the Bundesliga, Patrik Schick scored two goals:



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