Rally: Héraultaise Pascale Jaffrennou on the Dakar

La Gangeoise is embarking on the discovery of the prestigious rally-raid which starts on January 1, 2022.

Pascale Jaffrennou-Pottecher is not the type to spend the winter by the fireplace. For the coming weeks, the former international judo, already well known in the automotive world for her multiple experiences in rallies (five participations in the criterium of Cévennes) as in circuits, has found much better.

In the Montpellier team Philippe Pinchedez

Soon, Héraultaise will fly to Saudi Arabia, where a first participation in the Dakar. “It was decided over a discussion, like a kind of bet. But this bet is huge because I have never taken part in a rally-raid or faced the sand dunes of such an event. I have so much to learn that I feel like I’m going for a marathon without having done a jog before “, humbly confesses the Gangeoise who, fortunately, is not her first challenge taken up.

“It will be the year of my 60th birthday. For my grandchildren, this Dakar is a bit like grandmother’s grain of madness!”

For this Dakar of discovery, which she will share with Françoise Hollender in the role of sailor, the “grandmother” in question is not however going completely on an adventure.

A substantial budget to raise

By getting closer to Montpellier’s Philippe Pinchedez and his Pinch racing team, it will be able to rely on a team of great experience and have mechanics cut out for such a long journey. In this case, a “house” buggy with a 1,000 cc turbo engine designed by Philippe Pinchedez, who himself will be piloting a copy on the occasion of his second Saudi Dakar.

To have the privilege of being on the starting podium, on January 1 in Jeddah, Pascale Jaffrennou-Pottecher first had to share her enthusiasm with as many people as possible in order to meet the respectable budget required for such an event (more of 100 KF euros).

“I just finalized it. I’m lucky to have a good relationship, it helps, but raising such a sum is still a lot of work. In the end, between the sponsors, patrons and friends, more than 100 people helped me. “

“Now, in order not to disappoint them, I must do everything to get back to the bivouac every evening and try to go to the end. I set myself this goal not without feeling a certain pressure.”

A committed woman

An accomplished athlete but also a committed woman and activist, Pascale will drive a buggy whose body will bear the name of her association Judo solidaire and especially the injunction “No violence for women”. “ On this point, Saudi Arabia is unfortunately not the destination that I like the most … “


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