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Last stage of Lebanese tennis

by archysport

Interesting results were given in the framework of the third and last stage of the traditional Mixed Doubles Tennis Tournament, which took place at the Club Libanés Potosino.


Carolina and Daniel Betancourt beat Daniela Sierra and Jorge Florián 8-2; Fernanda Regalado and Alejandro Pulido to Emma Guzmán and José E. León for 8-5; Daniela Mendoza and Héctor Zavala to Marely Alvarado and Arturo Ledezma by 8-6, Ana Gutiérrez and Agustín Dávalos to Ma. José Araujo and Álvaro Candia by 8-1.


Daphne Gómez and Uriel Mora beat Alfonso Martínez and Miguel James by 8-1; Erika Betancourt and 6 Alejandro Gutiérrez to Leticia Castillero and Agustín Dávalos by 8-4, Natalia Robledo and Hugo Aguilar to Sofía Gil and Andrés Amaro by 9-7, Jimena Rivera and Sebastián García to Patricia Vallejo and Ricardo Jiménez by 8-1.


Rebeca Cardona and Niccolo Magagnin beat Amelie Zavala and Santiago Castanedo 8-1, Jimena Dávila and Uriel Sierra beat Ma. Carmen Contreras and Luis Gutiérrez 8-4, Alejandra Cepeda and Yanni Vázquez Regina Ocaña and Samuel Guajardo 8-3 and Dulce Grimaldo and Gerardo Faz to Ma. Paula Salazar and Pablo Salazar by 8-4.


Andrea Rodríguez and Osmar Rodríguez beat Mónica Goldaracena and Pablo Salazar by 9-7, Celina Ávila and Diego Salazar to Karla Padilla and Gabriel Limón by 8-4 and María Muñoz and Diego Jourdain to Gabriela Nava and Matías Lozano by 8-4.

This day from 9:00 am, the actions of this tournament will continue.

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