Erkiaga and Ibarluzea in Sudan after Lekerika’s injury

Erkiaga and Ibarluzea in Sudan after Lekerika’s injury

Erkiaga and Ibarluzea had to sweat yesterday at the start of the Bilbao Iron Cup top basket tournament to claim their first victory in a packed Deportivo. It had been 13 years, since the professional shovel was fired, that the stands of the fronton on Avenida Rekalde street had not presented such an appearance. And those who filled them were able to enjoy a good show despite the fact that the stellar match suffered the unexpected injury of Lekerika. It was in the final stages of a tight first set when the bodyguard let out a cut and suffered a puncture above his biceps that made him retire to the locker room. He did not return and his place was filled by the substitute, Iñigo Unda.

The Ispaster forward and the Markina defender, who until then had had a close fight with Barandika and Lekerika, carried out the game by the minimum after having the situation quite controlled in their first half and seeing how complicated it was for them in the second (15-14).

The second game proceeded along the same lines. Unda complied and even surprised more than one, and those who dressed in pink couldn’t stand out in the light. Barandika came into action more to help his teammate and it was after 5-3 that the defeated team held on to the clash to bring the excitement to the scoreboard. Up to seven ties were counted up to the twelfth score. Ibarluzea missed a couple of balls with his right foot at the worst moment that allowed his rivals to take the lead and, although Erkiaga tried to fix the mess, Barandika was in charge of tying up the game and took the match to a tiebreaker (14-15).

It was then that the magician from Ispaster brought out everything he had inside to make the difference and score his eighteenth consecutive victory in an unappealable manner (5-0).

Surprise from Urrutia and Del Río

In the first confrontation of the festival, the surprise came. Urrutia and Del Río, coming from the previous phase, beat Goitia and Basque in a duel that was resolved in the last breath. The winners had a hard time adjusting in the first game and adapting to a rebound with a lot of outlet. Basque dominated in his field and the Markina forward was focused to take advantage of the situation (15-6).

However, the Basque-French and the Alavés improved their performance considerably in the second game. Del Río squeezed his right hand much more and began to make life difficult for his rivals, and Urrutia also took a step forward. The winners were ahead for most of the game and, although their opponents pushed at the end, they arrived too late (12-15).

Emotion presided over the outcome of the clash because Basque’s basket broke at the worst moment and he lost focus. The score reflected 2-3 against them, but they managed to hold on until they tied at four. It was Del Río who with his right hand secured a hard-fought victory in which they believed until the end.

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