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Badminton: a day rich in victories for young people

by archysport

Among the adults, some of the competitors went to Marvejols on Saturday to participate in the annual tournament of our friends from Lozère. Alexia associated with David of the Rodez club won the mixed doubles series 4. As for Cyril and Sandra, they finished second in series 2 in mixed doubles. Note the fine performances of Théo and Gatien who lost in the semi-final of the Men’s Singles Series 1.

Sunday, return to the field for the second youth tournament organized by the Rodez club. Many children were entered in this competition including beginners and chicks.

This tournament only featured singles matches.

Here are the results : Clara wins her series 1 in women’s singles and Eva comes second. Gatien wins series 1, Sarah series 3, Judith series 4 and Paul series 2. Gaël finishes second in the chick series.

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